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The Worst Kind Of People With The Worst Kind Of Public Behavior

We hate to say it… but the world is full of rude and inconsiderate people. The worst part about this is the fact that all of us know these people. They could be friends, family, and even acquaintances. And yet, the majority of us are too afraid to tell these people what we really think when they begin to act foolish and immature in public spaces. It’s time to learn the warning signs of these people, these people with the worst public behavior, so that we may be better prepared for when a scolding is necessary and required.

Way Too Comfortable

There once was a time where air travel was simply, for lack of a better word, unbelievable. The thought of a giant, 150,000-pound mechanical bird taking off and making its way through the skies was incredible. With advancements in technology, the cost and ability for the common man to take flight as well was world-changing. Sadly, man (and woman) of the present day take the pure magic of airplanes for granted. Now they treat these mythical beasts with disrespect and pretend as though they’re living in their own personal space. If hands and feet are out of the customary position, we’re all going to have a bad time.

We'll Just Park Somewhere Else

Excuse us, ma’am, you’re parked terribly in and somehow out of a handicapped space. From the looks of it, your legs look perfectly fine, unlike your parking job. We get it, you’re very important with your slick Mercedes. You need to continue showing off, using the ATM to probably withdraw millions of dollars for the day’s spending, but get real. Don’t use your privilege to make some stranger’s life more difficult.

Hoarders Gonna Hoard

During the early days of Covid-19, a general sense of panic swept over the nation. Basic supplies like bottled water, toilet paper, N95 masks, and hand sanitizer were hot commodities. People were desperate and some were profiteering off the chaos. Pictured here is Noah Calvin. Calvin drove around Tennessee and Kentucky, scooping up hand sanitizer bottles and antibacterial wipes, around 17,000 items in total, and sold them online for multiple times their retail sales price. Calvin is the definition for the word “Jerk.” Don’t let a pandemic lead your soul into the unethical side of business.

Hot Smushed Buns

Depending on who you shop with, stopping by the grocery store can be a 20-minute trip or an hour-plus affair. If it’s the latter, the patience can wear thin and the legs can grow weak. However, we all must push through the pain of uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes and overall attire. Don’t let the other shoppers see you in a weakened state, sitting on a soft pile of shelf-stable breads. It’s a pathetic look and the disgrace for such tasty bread, is disgraceful.

Nothing Standing In Her Way

The days of social media attention dictating the lives and emotions of young adults and the entitled are driving the mass population absolutely crazy. Aside from the “droves of fans” clamoring to social influencer’s new material, everyone else couldn’t care less about the crazy and often impolite antics. Take it from this monster, stepping on and over botanical plants, just to snap a mindless photo. Wake up and watch where you’re going.

Buried As An Alcoholic

Although it’s incredibly easy to place blame on guilty parties for a tragic accident, it’s incredibly difficult to fight for what is right when the guilty party is a friend or family. In this incidence, the buried individual was the drunk driver of a deadly accident. Depressingly, even family and friends seem to condone the irresponsible drinking behavior that put this man in the grave, let alone any others. Speaking up may be debilitating, but if you see or feel the need, please step up to stop reckless behavior from an acquaintance or loved one. You may end up saving a life.

Get To The Choppa!

Sometimes an open parking spot is not really an open parking spot. That specifically marked space that just happens to be wide enough for a car might also have a specialized use. A use case that should never involve the presence of a car. Drivers, whether by accident or purposeful neglect, will eventually end up parking their vehicle of choice in said spot. Unfortunately, the choice of parking in said zoned-off spot will truly lead to a situation involving life and death.

Don't Order The Restaurant Special

Pranks can be funny. But pranks can also go too far. Take it from this dumb fast-food worker that decided to take a bath in one of his ex-restaurant’s giant dish sinks. His intention may have been innocent (in hindsight) but his unintentional choice to spread his body’s own supply of fluids, bacteria, viruses, and potential diseases in this public-facing business is inexcusable. People could have gotten seriously sick. And yet, all this teen can conjure up is a sickening smile for the camera.

The Family With No Face

Art can be fast and art can be slow. Art can be beautifully intricate and art can be effortless. Whatever the case, art is a display of love to the natural world, no matter how unnatural it may seem. Regardless, stealing the skill and devotion of any talented artist is a sin. From the oils of a finger touching a masterpiece in a museum to the spray-painting of faces on a public-piece of artwork, the disrespect shown to this given artist is despicable. Let this “painting over” of art be a lesson to the soulless and untalented.

What Kind Of Crap Is This?

From city sidewalks to suburban nature paths, pet owners can be such lazy people. Picking up the excrement of a furry friend is no joy. Carrying around that bag of excrement for an unknown amount of time is also a nasty job. But it is a job that must be done. It is a job that requires steps one and two. Pet owners that attempt to skip step two eventually leave or toss that bag to the metaphorical wind. And when that happens, bad things can happen. In the worst of cases, other beloved animals come across these bags of waste and take a bite. Sometimes, that bite turns into their last bite. Walking a family pet is a responsibility in more ways than one.

The "Karen"

If you need a formal definition of the term “Karen” let the professionals at Urban Dictionary help you along. “Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white womanwho uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.” This makes sense, right?

The Inappropriate Wendy Williams

In this screenshot, daytime talkshow host Wendy Williams poked fun at actor Joaquin Phoenix’s former cleft lip. This entire scene reminds us of the stereotypical attractive/ popular kids poking fun at the “losers” of middle school. Although Joaquin Phoenix is no loser. This unattractive behavior should be gone by the time these children reach adulthood but occasionally, some of these kids turn into adults but continue as if they were still children. The behavior seen here is abhorrent and needs to be addressed.

Pot Brownies For Everyone

As the saying goes, “Misery loves company.” Nonetheless, this sicko is attempting to bring down his entire office when the time comes to drug test. A tiny fraction of us can understand what an unthinkable move this is to protect one’s job security. But as moral beings, we cannot fathom the blatant lack of trust and possible dangers this individual cooked into his “special brownies.” Honestly, this entire situation leaves us with a lack of words.

Do Barriers Even Work?

We all know that every stupid sign, no matter how obvious it may seem, was created because someone took the chance to live the life beyond typical human decency. When the sign goes up, you know someone tried to get away with something but failed miserably in the process. And now everyone has to (or should) obey those rules. And yet, a simple sign, or in this case a fence, can easily be defeated. Take it from these two goons. If the fence is only two-feet tall, was it ever going to stop someone?

The Worst Kind Of Restaurant Customer

Nothing screams “Angsty Teenager” quite like the ole’ “my waitress was the worst so I’ll leave my tip in my upside down water glass that happens to be surrounded by a moat of ketchup” trick. It gets them every time. But, seriously. Parents, if you ever catch wind of your son or daughter, you know what… or even any of his friends doing this, come up with an appropriate punishment. If we had kids, we’d supply some ourselves.

"We Love Planet Earth"

Coming from the people that supposedly love and support the environment, acts like this make us question everything. Hiking and setting up a campsite can be wholesome and personally enriching activities. The desire and decision to step into the wilderness takes a load of commitment and bravery. But leaving enough trash to make a landfill blush is not the Boy Scout way. Nothing is gained when scoundrels leave their trash for others to look upon in dismay.

"Someone Will Come Pick It Up"

Pandemic or not, the allure of the local movie theatre has lost its touch. Tickets have become stupid expensive, a variety of seat upgrades were never a thing of the past, don’t get us started on the concession stand prices, and to be honest, the entire theatre-going experience seems a bit dull. Further, as cable networks and film studios begin to release their motion pictures on streaming platforms the same day as they’re released in theaters, we’d like to think that your going to choose the comfort of your home over a public theatre. We could be wrong, though.

Rolling Coal

If you’re unfamiliar, this photo of a truck, a cloud of black smoke, and a bicyclist stuck inside that black cloud of smoke is known as the act of coal-rolling. We deferred to Wikipedia for a proper definition – “Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes, diesel fuel that has not undergone complete combustion, into the air. A predominantly North American phenomenon, rolling coal is sometimes used as a form of anti-environmentalism.” *The More You Know*

Who Leaves A Cart In The Middle Of The Road?

As much as we hate to say it, when a new influx of homeless denizens enter a new area, the number of empty shopping carts left in the middle of roads seems to increase proportionally. Even if these wheeled baskets have anti-theft locks placed on one wheel, that’s not to say they won’t leave the store’s premises. Who knows what was held in them… that remains a mystery, but we definitely don’t want to bring these back to the stores ourselves.

Nothing To Eat

Unthoughtful roommates or an ex that wanted to “shove it” one last time would take the time to leave a fridge empty… except for that one bag of spinach gone bad. Any an all condiments are fridge staples and need not be tampered with. At least in this example, this inconsiderate friend or ex-lover did leave, from the looks of it, two bottles of wine. Surely they’re open, but still. Maybe it’s about the sentiment, after all?

Splitting The Check Way Too Many Times

Having never been a waiter, we can’t understand the chaos that must go down when a huge party arrives. Drink orders, appetizers, the main meal, dessert, special requests (or demands), and any small little needs that arise must become overbearing pretty early on. However, when the service has concluded and the meal is coming to a close, things must get easier? We would at least suspect so. But as one final farewell gift, this horribly obnoxious guest demands that the bill be split into five equal bills. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Left Out In The Rain

Dry packages are an old-man’s game. The age of the modern delivery driver is here. Modern delivery “law” requires that any and all packages delivered during a rainstorm be left close enough to the front-door that they’re noticeable, but far enough from the safety of the roof to get utterly soaked. Is there anything better than ruining someone else’s day during your day-job? Is there? We didn’t think so. Next time there’s a rain storm and you’re expecting some packages… you best keep an eye out.

Honestly, A True Monster

At first thought, this sick individual purposely chose to throw logic to the wind and anger an entire family gathering by taking one sick picture of this poorly cut pumpkin pie. But then again, sometimes we need to laugh in the face of chaos. Some of you might find some solace in that little square bit missing. Others will need to take a second to think, and then laugh, that some individual took such a large and abstract slice of pie but left perfectly cut sides. Who takes the time to do that?

"Feel Free To Leave Your Peanut Shells Wherever" Said No One Ever

“Sir, you are not a squirrel, so please stop acting like it.” The nerve of some people to come into a public place, especially one of mass transportation, and then feel entitled to treat the space as if no one else was there. Somehow this man confused this subway car with his own car… SOMEHOW. The casings of peanuts left on the floor is one thing but the fact that someone bound to come onto this train with a peanut allergy is an entirely different circumstance.

Deadly Graffiti

Have no fear, the nature-haters are here. Why is it that certain children, teens, and even immature adults need to take their sweet time and carve something so useless and despicable into beautiful plant-life? There is no message important enough to be spread on such living material. The worst part in all of this is one individual’s poor choice of expression has given the confidence to others to follow in their footsteps. We just hate that when one person can get away with it, it gives false security to others contemplating the same inappropriate behavior.

Blocking The Whole Menu

To the children, parents, grandparents, single people(s), aunts, uncles, cousins, and general bystanders, please don’t stand in the smack-dab center of the fast-food ordering area. Absolutely no one knows if you’re browsing for the perfect meal, counting your dimes and pennies, or choosing to be a nuisance. For the sake of being cordial, stand off to the side, have your order written or ready when you do approach the register, or please leave the premises. No one wants to spend their life waiting for your order.

No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts

Unless we saw you leave your spot in line, next to your group of friends, please don’t bother jumping the entire line because you might recognize someone you know closer to the front. Rain or shine, the ethics behind standing lines should be universally understood. Don’t cut. Don’t be rude. Don’t complain. Your time will come. Yes, the journey to the entrance or to the register may be painful and frustrating, but the reward should hopefully make up for the inconvenience.

Mommy Patrol

When the wealthy neighborhood moms realize that the subdivision won’t pay for daily patrol cars to keep everyone safe, they will take the issue into their own hands. Criminals and basically anyone who happens to get in the way of this mom patrol better watch out. Not only will they use their newborns as conversation winners, they will walk in a coordinated, entire sidewalk-width fashion to keep anything in front and behind them. In other words, the neighborhood will run, rather walk, at their speed. These moms are the sheriffs in town.

Please, Have A Seats

There was once a time when we were excited to drive (or be driven) to the airport. The trip was symbolic of an even greater adventure ahead, one that was sure to broaden horizons. From business trips to family gatherings, a trip to the airport was just the starting line. Over time, however, we all became accustomed and a bit too familiar with our local airport facilities. Take it from this guy, and everyone like him. The seats in the terminals are meant for everyone, not merely for your tired jet-lagged body. Move over.

California Traffic...

If you’ve never been a victim of Southern California traffic congestion, consider yourself lucky. Even your sweet old grandmother would be turned into a ruthless California driver when she’s forced to drive past Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, through the Sepulveda Pass-way, and into the San Fernando Valley using the obnoxious six-lane 405 Highway. Although we wish we could say this facetiously, California drivers each drive by their own rules. So what if our car is sticking out of our lane? Get over it… you won’t win this battle.


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