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Vick's VapoRub Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About

Since 1905, Vick’s VapoRub has been sold as a mentholated topical ointment, and an over-the-counter medication. “Vick’s VapoRub, relieves six cold symptoms, with methanol, camphor, and eucalyptus,” proudly proclaimed by the manufacturer on every bottle. While its initial purposes – relieving cough, lung irritation, and minor aches and pains – still hold their own, society has come up with its own qualified Vick’s hacks, which have become indispensable for children, parents, and seniors, alike. Children who suffer from minor scrapes, accidental run-ins with poison ivy, or pesky bug bites can ask for one of these Vick’s VapoRub hacks. As for adults who require some tension-headache or tennis-elbow relief…Vick’s is there for you. And for seniors looking to remedy their dry skin in the winter? These Vick’s hacks are here for them, too. You may be surprised to learn about all of the hacks that Vick’s VapoRub can provide. Now make sure to stay safe!

Sore Muscle Reliever

Don’t forget that Vick’s VapoRub is more than just a common cold, breathing reliever. In fact, this hack is mentioned on the packaging itself… but it’s not like you read that. As Vick’s contains menthol, a substance that improves blood circulation, it can be applied on sore muscles! Rub some on the skin right above the troublesome area and instantly feel the cooling relief.

Pet Training

Whether your recently adopted cat or dog has just come home, or a beloved family friend is making a repetitious bathroom mistake in the home, look towards Vick’s for a fix. Leaving an open contains of Vick’s near the spot(s) of the accident will deter future mistakes on account of the strong scent.

Neosporin No More!

The initial application may sting for just a second, but spreading a thin film of Vick’s on a minor scrape or cut is comparable to using Neosporin, as it’s an antiseptic as well, it should help prevent any further infection from bacteria and germs.

A Vapor Bomb

Bath bombs speak for themselves. They brighten any bubble bath with tremendous bubbles, scents, and personality. However, adding Vick’s into the mix, “shower disks” provide bubble bath lovers with pleasant scents that also contain Vicks’ ever-famous sinus-cleansing properties. When dissolved, the Vick’s will dissolve into the steam-filled bathroom to provide congestion relief.

A Winter Savior

Vick’s comes in handy to make one surprisingly lovely moisturizer, especially during the winter. It will help protect, heal, and bring moisture to dry, cracked skin. From your toes to your face, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased circulation and a refreshingly cool sensation to top it all off.

Nasty Cooking Burns

Accidentally touching a cast-iron pan out of habit or touching a finger to a hot plate can induce some pretty gnarly pain and burns. Thankfully, Vick’s has you covered. After pulling your finger out from some cool running water, feel free to slap a layer of it on the burn. It will help protect and ease the pain of the burned area in no time.

Subdue The Itch

From dry skin to bug bites, uncontrollable itches are unbearable. Scratching may provide some pleasing short-term relief, but it won’t last forever. Therefore, when an itch just won’t quit, a quick application of VapoRub will ease the pain and subdue the need to scratch.


Summer may be over but the desire to keep a tan lasts long into the harshest of winters. So, when a sunburn inevitably ends up on your body after leaving unprotected skin out in the sunlight for too long, VapoRub has your back (burn). This anti-congestion ointment will help reduce the swelling and redness, and it will absolutely cool the irritated areas as well.


Weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and muscle gain all contribute to the possibility of stretch marks. In order to provide these trouble areas with some TLC, VapoRub contains cedar leaf, eucalyptus, and turpentine oil, camphor, and petrolatum to help soften this skin… hiding some of your “beauty” marks.

Staving Off Infections

Due to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial characteristics of VapoRub, any poorly treated wound or burn can be saved from further infection through a thorough application of the ointment.

No More Acne

Adolescents and those under stress can surely suffer from acne. It can be uncomfortable, potentially painful, and a bit of a bad look. Thankfully, Vick’s placed over each zit before bed will allow the super substance to kill and clear out most of the infection before morning. You’ll be left with a drastically smaller pimple, or none whatsoever.

It Works On All Animals!

If it works on family pets, Vick’s is going to work on mosquitos. Rather than applying it after getting bitten, lather your skin with Vick’s during a late-night barbecue or family camping trip. The scent of the stuff will drive away the most annoying bugs and pests.

Bruising Bruiser

Combing a hint of salt with some Vick’s will help heal and hide the unforgiving effects of bruises. In no time, bruises should heal and the skin should return to its natural color. If the results don’t impress you after one attempt, feel free to continue this process until adequate progress has been made.

Earaches, You Say?

Who would have known that using Vick’s for an earache would make a difference? Take a cotton ball, coat it with Vick’s, and then place in the ear, replacing with a fresh ball every few hours. Not only will the Vick’s gradually kill the infection, it will soothe the pain in your ear.

Those Obnoxious Headaches

Affecting more than half of all women and a third of men, tension-type headaches are the most common form of headaches in the world. By taking some Vick’s and rubbing it over your temples, the pain of headaches, and even Migraines, can be greatly dulled thanks to the cooling relief provided by Vick’s VapoRub.

Remove Makeup

Who would have guessed that Vick’s would act as a makeshift makeup remover? With a remover pad or cotton ball, get just a tiny amount of ointment on the piece, as a lot will go a long way. Be sure to be extremely careful around your eyes because this stuff will surely sting, even if just a tiny amount gets in the eye.  That said, if any does indeed get in your eye, use water to rinse it all away.

Lipstick Remover

Like above, applying a bit of Vick’s to a pair of lipstick-stained lips for five minutes will easily take off the excess lipstick wax when wiped away. Better yet, your lips will be nice and moistened once the process is over.

Curse You Tennis (Elbow)

“Tennis elbow” can occur after repeated and strained use of the elbow. This clearly is most often associated with the sport it’s named after. Rub some Vick’s onto the area until you feel the cooling sensation. When you’ve hit this point, you’ve activated the menthol and camphor that eases the pain.

Hair Growth

While the jury is still out, it’s been said that Vick’s has the potential to promote hair growth. The logic lies in the idea that if you rub the ointment on the scalp, blood circulation is promoted to jumpstart hair growth. However, this hack encourages other dietary and hygienic changes to in order to promote adequate hair growth.

Sweet Feet

If you’re a user of Vick’s, you’re aware that rubbing the stuff on your upper chest is the most common place to apply the substance. However, some say that if you rub some on your feet, then cover by socks, right before sleep, your late night coughs will be eased.

An Entirely New Humidifier

Let us start by saying that not all humidifiers are created equal and that placing Vick’s into any random humidifier may not be the best decision. That said, some humidifiers allow additional oils and substances (such as Vick’s) to be used in combination with the machine. Not only will moisture be generously added to the air, late-night congestion won’t stand a chance.

A WD-40 Alternative?

Squeaky cabinets and doors getting on your nerves? Supposedly, Vick’s can replace more industry-specific lubricants like WD-40. Apply Vick’s to door hinges and test away. If the squeak persists, knock out the door pins, coat those in the anti-congestion semi-solid, replace, and then enjoy your new quiet squeaky doors.

Avoiding Bad Smells

Plain and simple, if you’re dealing with some, or many unpleasant smells, take some Vick’s and rub it directly under your nose. The variety of pleasantry may be a bit medicinal, and it should mask all other smells.

Helping Hemorrhoids

There’s no way around it, hemorrhoids are troublesome. What’s worse is that they can be incredibly itchy. If the itch just won’t die down, attempt to apply some Vick’s to it. Be sure your “delicates” are able to handle the initial sting of the substance, and if so, you can expect some itch relief thanks to Vick’s.

A Focused Horse

Now, we’re looking off the beaten path with this hack, but if you’re a horseback rider, this may be of interest to you. When riding a male horse that seems to be keenly distracted by some nearby females, slather the under-nose area to cancel out the distraction and effects of hormones on the male horse.

Cry on Command

Unless you’re a method actor, there’s really no practical use for this tip; it’s purely a cool party trick that you can whip out to impress your friends. All you need to do is dab a bit of Vick’s underneath your eyes (when no one’s looking of course) and you’re sure to shed a couple tears. Everyone will certainly be impressed that you can cry on command!

Stave Off Toenail Fungus

That’s right, even toenail fungus is no match for Vick’s! This is because one of the ingredients in Vick’s, thymol, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help to block the growth of fungus. All you have to do is rub some Vick’s onto the affected nails until the fungus is all gone!

Heal Cuts Faster

Nobody likes a pesky paper cut, and that’s where Vick’s can come in handy, once again. All you have to do is dab a bit onto the cut and feel the amazement as the stinging sensation of the cut gets relieved. It’ll also help it heal more quickly!

Deter Cat Claws

Similarly to how you can use Vick’s to stop your pets’ accidents, you can also use it to deter your cat from scratching up your furniture. All you have to do is apply the tiniest bit of Vick’s to the affected areas of your couch, and your cat will want nothing to do with it!

Say Goodbye to Your Dry Scalp

Instead of sprinting to the store to buy special, expensive anti-dandruff shampoo the second you notice a flake, give Vick’s a try first! Just rub a thin layer of the stuff onto the dry parts of your scalp right before bed, or after you take a shower!


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