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Here Are Some of the Funniest Yard Signs You've Ever Seen

Your yard is the perfect way to express yourself, from a freshly manicured lawn, an impressive garden, or a weird little gnome that greets you when you come home. But if you really want to leave an impression, there’s no better way than with a yard sign. Many may think that these signs are only for advertising yard sales, but some creative geniuses figured out that it’s the ideal way to get a message across to your neighbors and passersby.

Here are some of our favorite yard signs of all time. From hilarious feuds between neighbors to women getting revenge on cheating husbands, these will leave an unforgettable impression on you.

Revenge is Sweet

Everything must go, including her cheating husband. Come one, come all. This will be the most ruthless garage sale you attend this year.

Don't Mess With Girl Scouts

No one likes nosey neighbors. Unless you call before you come to our door or have some Girl Scout cookies ready, you better turn around.

When Motivation Fails

Hey, at least they attempted a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully someone with a little more drive will take this home with them.

Savage Mode

Don’t cheat on this woman. Not only will she out the names of the women cheated on her with, but she’ll broadcast it on a professionally printed sign.

Better Than Any Scary Dog Warning

Security systems are expensive. We really can’t deny this approach was a much cheaper and more effective method.

Meme Dream

Memes have a lot of power. Not only are memes hilarious, but they’re a sure-fire way to get folks to your garage sale.

Thanks For the Clarification

Admit it, if you’ve ever bought a home (or moved in somewhere at all), you’ve wondered if this perfect place is haunted. Okay maybe that’s just me. Luckily, this savvy real estate agent made sure to answer the question that nobody wants to ask.

Speak Up For What You Believe In

I wouldn’t want to be in any type of conflict with this Marine. If you have to steal a sign, maybe skip this place next time.

Elect the Zombies

I mean, when all the other candidates suck, zombies are the answers. Zombies are going to take over anyway so let’s try and please them now.

Thrown Under the Bus

When your husband embarrasses you, but you still love and support him. This is the ultimate way to clear your name.

Safety is the Best Policy

Smoking is so 2002 anyway. Come near this home smoking and you’ll be sorry (and soggy).

Swimsuits Optional

This home greets skinny-dippers in a cute way. Depending on who comes to these pool parties, this could be the best sign of them all.

Old Ways

It’s about time the elderly got their own signs. This neighborhood wants everyone to know that some older folks are going to be taking their time across the streets — and no birthday candles, dagnabit!

Vicious Protectors

Watch out for these vicious birds that protect this yard. I don’t know about you, but I would want to keep my distance too.

Gatekeeping Jogging Attire

People are getting crazier by the day this year. This neighbor got their feathers ruffled enough to place a sign in their front lawn telling all joggers to put on more clothing. Apparently, if you want to stay fit in this neighborhood, you’ll have to do so in a turtleneck.

Missing Turtle

Chances are that he just went off to meet up with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brothers.

Lyrical Genius

I like big sales and I just can’t lie. This yard sign is evoking the classic “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot to promote their yard sale, and frankly, that’s all I needed to convince me.

Beer Always Wins

I’m going to be so disappointed if they don’t actually have free beer.

Not A Fan Of Yard Signs?

This elderly gentleman was not so kind to his neighbors when they trimmed their hedges near his fence. He couldn’t quite figure out what he was looking at but let’s be transparent here, this is exactly the type of person who puts a demanding yard sign out in their front yard.

Bottoms Up

“Make America Drunk Again” is the new slogan for this beloved country. Why pick a political side when rum never loses? Well, almost never.

Marketing Game Strong

I’d rather spend a few bucks at a yard sale than in the trash, scrounging for goodies.

Desperate Times Call For

This one is pretty relatable. Hey, at least they’re honest at the get-go.

Batman Will Be There

Please tell me Batman is selling his utility belt.

Romance is Tempting

I wonder how many women even saw the “Yard Sale” sign.


A nice gesture for his wife turned out to be an oopsie. He gets an A+ for effort though.

Hey Girl

Memes always win, especially when a hot man in involved. If Ryan Gosling is going to be there, we all will be.

Nothing to See Here

Nothing to see here, just a nice normal patch of normal grass with normal cows in the normal pasture behind it.

He'll Never Let You Down

Just when you were starting to feel hopeless about politics and the state of our nation, just remember: politics are temporary, but Rick Astley is forever.

Isn't it Ironic, Don't You Think?

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little passive aggressive fun, but we can’t help but notice the irony of having a yard sign that warns against putting up yard signs. Nonetheless, Alanis would be proud.

He Just Wanted a Sign

Sometimes you just need a sign. Dan, we’d vote for you.

That's Harsh

After reading the way their own wrote about them on this flier, we can’t blame this kitty for taking off. Honestly seems better off.

The Hard Truth

We’ve never seen the stone cold truth of what a yard sale is spelled out quite as distinctly.

What Does Grass Dream About?

We’re not sure what tiny grass dreams about, but we’d definitely like a do not disturb sign like that to hang above our beds while napping.


No word if they’re also selling a tiger out of their bathroom though.

The Ever-Expanding Flamingo Flock

Something tells us that whatever the neighbor’s next move is, this flock of pink flamingos is just going to keep growing and growing…

Can't Tell

Is this property a farm? It’s pretty tough to tell…


I mean, it’s true, horses do lay down. But we have to know, how many times have people called 9-11 over this? Does it happen often? Clearly often enough to have a sign made…

Snip Snip Pun

Anyone who doesn’t get this joke is nuts…

Beep Beep Boop Beep

Now, those are the sequels we want to see. Let’s get to casting Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul…

Neighborhood Warfare

Wonder what they feed their grandson in order to… fill the tank for battle?


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