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'Scary Selfies' are the Terrifying New Photography Trend

The fear of heights is a very real thing for many people, which is what makes the new trend of “scary selfies” so bizarre. The selfies feature people in terrifying locations and poses that legitimately make you fear for their lives. However, you do have to admit that the stunts lead to some pretty fascinating and beautiful pictures. And of course, we highly recommend that you don’t attempt any of these unbelievable stunts at home.

This Makes Us Uncomfortable

As the huge skyscrapers around seem to shrink with every passing step, this man clearly has no fear. In fact, he brought his selfie stick, stunner sunglasses, and comfortable T-shirt and shorts to remember the moment. Everything about this photo, especially the height and his nonchalant attitude angers and bothers us.

Option One, Two, or Three

On the right, you have three lanes of traffic. On the left, you’re hundreds of feet above the water. And right beneath you are dozens of steel-based cables and supports. How exactly do you plan to get down? Cool glasses, though.

He Didn't Learn...

Just when you were hoping the man from before would listen to you and get down, he does, but in the worst way possible. Instead of taking the steps down, he descends upon the straight face of the mountain. He looks stuck.

Rio de Janeiro

They say Rio de Janeiro is gorgeous, and everything to the left of this giant rock seems to live up to that expectation. Everything to the right, including this rock, is terrifying. Please, sir, just get down and go enjoy Rio.

All for One and One for All

Nothing can bring a group of height-obsessed daredevils together quite like a mountaintop precipice! The best part about this photo is that all of the friends are lying down, legs dangling thousands of feet off the ground, holding hands. Because sharing is caring.

Time for a Selfie

Selfie stick in one hand, a second phone in her other hand, and somehow this chick has a smile on her face. How does she even have the ability? One gust of wind and…oh my goodness. GET DOWN!

Lean in or Lean Back?

The early morning sun is beautifully lighting up the countryside. This jerk on top of this decommissioned smoke stack appears to be looking inside. Even though he’s sitting on the edge, is he more afraid of leaning forward or leaning backward?

Hot Stuff

Many frozen foods cook in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The lava behind this guy is popping at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. At least he’s wearing a helmet, you know?

Old and New

Living on the edge is one thing, but choosing to do so while holding onto a rusted old beam is another. If the fall doesn’t do it, the tetanus infection will.

When the Ants Are People

Unlike at a stadium, the people far, far away still look like ants. But the real problem is that they’re on the beach enjoying themselves. And you’re balancing your body between life and death… just for a good beach view.

A Look of Second Thoughts

Finally, all we wanted was just one crazy person to give us a face that says that their decision to climb into the sky via our man-made buildings was a bad idea. We almost had it in this photo but then we realized she’s only holding on to a slippery smooth surface with one hand in a mitten…not even a glove.

It's Not a Movie Still - This is Real

As beautiful as this photo may be, this is not fake. Nor is this a movie still. This is a professional diver standing on the edge of Dean’s Blue (black) Hole in the Bahamas. This stunt demands the insane skill of any free diver as it bottoms out at 663 feet.

Hold Your Breath

This man is free diving in the world’s deepest manmade swimming pool with a depth of 148 feet. Imagine holding your breath at a depth of 12 feet in a typical swimming pool. You know that pressure and anxiety? Multiply that by more than 12 and you’ll live this real-life nightmare.

Against the World

This photo still doesn’t serve these two complete daredevils justice. Bare with us and take a closer look. These two are standing on a blue crane, however high off the ground, in fog… which means everything is wet. And if you look all around them, those tiny buildings…they’re not so tiny up close… and at ground level.

Dressed for the Occasion

This one clearly came dressed for the occasion. Her makeup is done as well! Bravo! But please get down, we’re getting anxious

Jesus Saves

It’s true that Jesus saves. He’s saving the general population from the hijinks of this disrespectful idiot. Not only is he standing on the head of Brazil’s giant Christ the Redeemer statue, he’s got a huge smile on his face to rub in this fact.

'Next Stop is the Top'

We wish the shirt had said “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing upward instead of “next stop is the top.” Is she trying to get looks or something?

Protecting the Country With One Selfie at a Time

Fighter jets fly at around 50,000 feet. That will obviously change depending on weather, threat-avoidance, enemy engagement, and a multitude of other variables. But when all is safe and sound while the radio is quiet, you might as well make the most of the scenery. Plus, it’ll make you look like the toughest service member around… if anyone can make out your face.

Lend That Man a Hand!

We’re really hoping this guy has a GoPro mounted to his chest or forehead. Otherwise, this picture makes absolutely no sense. If he’s dangling stupid high in the air, and his left arm is at his side, his right hand must be holding him up, right?


Nope nope nope nope nope nope. No thank you. Also, if you’re wondering, This structure is an old Soviet Union radar.

Nothing to See Here

Even though we can’t see the lower half of this poor flyer’s face, he doesn’t seem distressed at all. In fact, he seems to be enjoying the chaos going on behind him. Bright lights, a ton of smoke, dozens of hands in the air…this airplane ride is out of control. And yet, this guy doesn’t care. How brave.

Plane Crashed, Sinking...Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

Whether the plane is up in the air or filling with water and headed for a watery grave, a cute picture is always needed. With his safety vest on, plane tail upright and angled down, this pilot or passenger is aware of his watery fate and is attempting to make the most of it. Don’t judge him.

Hong Kong Highrise

Ohhhhh mannnn. For as calming as water can be, it’s really putting the general size of everything into perspective. And we hate it. The fact that the man in green is holding onto the round antennae top, and nothing else, and his fried appears to be stretching his legs off the climbing ladder, we’re really just getting bad mojo from this photo. On the other hand, Hong Kong looks stellar.

A Green Thumb

Escaping into nature is meant to bring some peace and stability into your life. When your friend demands your presence on top of the remote antennae tower, expect your nerves to be against you for the rest of your life. The trees below don’t even give you an accurate understanding of this terrifying tower’s height.

Two Friends on Top of the World

The one with the camera is a moron. The guy pointing to his yacht way below is a moron. The selfie stick should have never been invented. Heights are scary. And risking your life for a stunning photo is ridiculous.

The Cursed Thumbs-Up

Nothing is “thumbs-up” about this fear-inducing photo. The only thing scarier than this man’s right foot hanging off the side of this cement pillar is the ancient iPhone 4s in his left hand.

That Blue Crane is Everywhere

Not only is she only holding onto the ever-famous blue crane, this freak has the nerve to playfully let her torso angle away from the crane. These people are crazy.

Up High, Over Traffic

Bridges over water with smooth cables seem to be a favorite in this community. Occasionally, “climbing” gloves will come in handy, but it looks like this bloke is wearing gardening gloves. Best of luck.

Way up High

MrAllyLaw of Instagram says that he’s been around the world but has barely touched his own country. Wonder why…probably because his head’s always up in the clouds.

Beyond Nerve-Racking

Not only is this man slack-lining in the wind, the other end of the slack line is held up by a parachute. What type of devilish behavior is this? Even with a parachute, this is unbelievable!

At Least He Knows

This photographer snapped a death defying selfie on top of a canyon in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. However, judging by the caption at least, he’s at least aware of how foolish this was. Underneath the Instagram post he wrote,  “I don’t always take selfies, but when I do, they’re dangerous.”

Feeling Dizzy?

Honestly, it’s tough to tell which person in this photo is in the most death-defying position? Suffice to say, none of them are ll that safe. In fact the location this photo was taken in Yekaterinburg, Russia has become a hotspot for daredevils, and in-turn injuries, in recent years.

Some Commute

We certainly hope this photographer is TRAINED to do this…

Okay, we’ll stop now. But seriously, train selfies like tis have been banned in places like Sri Lanka and India because the behavior became so widespread – mostly perpetrated by tourists – that it was slowing train service in those countries.

Cool Shoes

This photo was snapped 8,694 feet up on China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge trail, which is known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. However, this photographer not only conquered it, they did so in some cool throwback red Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers.

Let's Go Ravens

It’s appropriate that this terrifying selfie was taken by a man in a Baltimore Ravens cap, since he’s definitely up high enough to take flight over Hong Kong. The photographer, Daniel Lau, is one of the better-known daredevil photographers on Instagram, where often shares his carefully crafted dangerous shots.

That's Bull

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain has been going on since the 1500s, and every year leads to countless injuries, and sometimes even death. So in other words, people taking selfies during the event is probably not the smartest idea…


Well-known daredevil photographer Alexander Remnev and a couple of buddies snapped this wild photo in the skies above Shanghai. Despite what should be a relatively cary situation, all three of them seem like they’re having the time of their lives.

Looking at the faces on these two, we can imagine how their conversation went:

Him: Babe, isn’t this the best date?

Her: Um… sure. I’d like to get down now tough.

Him: Cool cool, but first let’s take a selfie.

Turn Up the Heat

We can hear you asking “Who would take a selfie near a live volcano?!?” The answer is apparently enough people that the UK’s Royal Geographic Society had to issue a warning for said people to stop. Perhaps not shockingly, this isn’t the only volcano selfie we found…

At Least He Has Equipment

This is National Geographic explorer and self-proclaimed “storm chaser” George Kourounis, who is well known for snapping photos of himself on dangerous expeditions. Here he’s featured dangerously close to the Vanuatu’s Ambrym volcano. At least he’s got protective equipment on…


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