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Puppy Fails That Are Sure to Make Your Day a Little Brighter

There’s nothing that can put a smile on your face quite like a puppy. They’re so cute and dopey and even when they do something bad you can’t possibly be mad at them for very long. So please enjoy the following adorable pics of puppy fails and try not to squeal too loud. You’re welcome.

Rainbow Pup

This pup may have made a big mistake by lying on a chalk drawing of a rainbow, but at least he looks more fabulous than you.

Why Are You Like This?

This dog looks like he just had a realization that he chewed up his own bed and will therefore not have a bed to sleep on anymore.

Muddy Pup

This pup was having so much fun playing that he doesn’t seem to care that he just jumped into a mud puddle and is now filthy. We just feel bad for his humans who have to clean him up now…

The Look of Shame

Why do dogs always make that face when they’ve been caught red-handed doing something they’re not supposed to do? It makes it really hard to be mad at them – just look at that little face!

Catching Some Well-Deserved ZZZs

It’s hard out there for a pup. From barking at the wind to playing fetch and getting treats, every day is a struggle for a little puppy. So we can see why this little guy needed some well-deserved ZZZs. And what a view he’s got too!

Total Destruction

Unfortunately, as cute as they are, getting a puppy also comes with a fair amount of destruction. Get ready to have your belongings chewed up and holes dug up in your backyard. This little dude was clearly caught red-handed.

Just a Dog and His Sprinkler

Is there anything more entertaining than watching a dog interact with a hose or sprinkler? We think not.

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

This pug is a little…different from his siblings. But he clearly doesn’t care, because you have food in your hands and he REALLY wants it.

Angry Eyebrows

Putting angry eyebrows on things that don’t need eyebrows will never get old. Seriously, try it out! This Pomeranian agrees.

Let Me See Your Grill

If you look closely at this photo, you can see that this dog is indeed wearing a grill – or, a piece of dental jewelry from mid-2000s hip hop culture. He’s clearly an up-and-coming rapper. Please check out his mixtape.

The Face of Surprise

This is the face of a dog who was just told that he is, in fact, not a human baby and that he should stop acting like one. But he is just so cute that we’ll let it slide this time.

First Trip to the Beach!

There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind on your face as you bolt toward the ocean, and this aussie puppy is so excited that he can’t even contain himself.

Get This Thing Out of Here

You know how human children tend to get jealous when a new sibling is born? Well, apparently that happens to dogs too, according to this photo. This chihuahua is clearly not very enthused about having a new puppy sibling, but don’t worry, they’ll be friends some day.

Everything's a Chew Toy When You're a Pup

It’s true that puppies will chew on absolutely everything if you let ’em. But while you’re teaching him not to do this, it’s probably better that he chews on a carboard box rather than your expensive new pair of shoes, right?

Puppy Litter Reunion

This dog goes nuts at the family reunion every year. No seriously, this is an actual photo of a dog at a puppy litter reunion.

Awkward School Photo

This puppy is only nine weeks old, and has already mastered the art of the awkward elementary school photo. You know, those school pictures that your parents paid $50 for just to find out you made that face? But we can’t be too mad at him because he’s so dang cute.

When Puppy Discovers the Air Vent

Believe it or not, this is actually a puppy, and this puppy has been sleeping like this for weeks since she discovered the air vent. Summer’s gotta be hot with all of that fur, after all.

Hide and Seek

Can you spot the dog in the picture? If not, then he’s doing a really good job at hide and seek. Now we just have one question: How the heck did he get up there in the first place…?

How Could You be Mad at This Little Face?

This pup’s owners turned their backs for just a few minutes and came back to the bathroom to find…this. What was his goal here? Who knows, but clearly he’s aware that he did something bad!

Puppy Resting Face

This puppy’s resting face looks he knows about how you fake-throw the ball every time during fetch, and he’s not happy about it. He knows exactly what you’re up to.

Walter and Max

This is Walter and Max, and if you couldn’t tell, Walter doesn’t like Max. Thinks he’s kind of a loudmouth who’s always interrupting people with his unfunny jokes. Shut up, Max.

'Can Someone Please Let Me in'

This dog ran away from home, so naturally his owners went out to look for him. When they got back, they found him like this, and we can only imagine that he’s wondering why his humans ran away from home again.

He NEEDS to Get a Good Look Outside

Oh the things dogs will do to get a good view of everything that passes by outside the window. Doesn’t matter if it’s a squirrel or even a leaf – your dog wants to let you know that you might be in grave danger!

Adoptive Mother Hen

It’s hard work being a puppy and running around a farm all day! This puppy fell asleep in a chicken coop and was promptly adopted by a protective mother hen.

Caught Mid-Bark

There is nothing special about this photo. It is just a photo of a puppy in the middle of a bark. We just thought you might want to see it, that’s all.

A Dip in the Lake

This pup is so excited to jump off the dock to go swimming that he accidentally forgot how to dog.


This photo is reminiscent of those times where you were already having a bad day, and then something like this happens and you just absolutely lose it. But luckily, we’re pretty sure this pup is having a good time and doesn’t seem to care too much.

'Stop Doing the Dishes and Play With Me!'

Puppies may be adorable, but they also constantly need to be the center of attention. This little guy clearly learned early how to get his human’s attention!

Puppy Yoga

This pup is starting a new holistic lifestyle that includes daily morning yoga. He needs to work on his seal stretch form a bit, but give him a break, he’s trying his best.

Safety First

The saying “safety first” is relevant for everyone, including puppies. That’s why this pup’s humans strapped him in for his first car ride ever to the dog park. But don’t tell him, it’s a surprise.


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