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Old Photos Recreated by Adorable Couples That Had Us Tearing Up

As we get older, it’s easier to become more and more jaded by heartbreak over time. We forget that true love really does exist and that there’s someone out there for literally everyone! Just let the following photos serve as a reminder of that!

Do the Horah

If you’ve ever been to a Jewish wedding then you’re probably familiar with the horah, a traditional dance that often involves lifting the bride and groom into the air on chairs. Well, this couple got to relive this moment at their wedding during their daughter’s wedding!

The Merriest-Go-'Round

It’s pretty clear who was chasing whom from the above photo. But clearly it worked out for them, as they’re married now after what’s likely been decades!

Same Bike, Different Year

Believe it or not, this photo is of the same couple in the same spot on the same bike. Only, the photo on the left was taken in 1967, and the one on the right was taken in 2018. Apparently you’re never too old to go on an adventure and fall in love all over again!

Summer of '69

In the photo on the left, this couple had just met 48 hours prior at the Woodstock music festival in August of 1969, and here they are 50 years later! Apparently music really does bring people together!

The Tree Grows Up

Wow! Look how much that little tree grew! He was so tiny and now he’s so big and strong! Now, something about their love growing strong just like the tree’s roots…

Vows Renewed

This adorable older couple got married in 1959, but decided to recreate their wedding photos in 2019. How is it possible that they look even happier and more in love in the second photo?

Height Change

Either the woman was wearing heels in the first photo, or she shrunk about a foot. Either way, we think it’s pretty cute that they went back to pose in front of the same car and everything!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

These side-by-side photos are just proof that you’re never too old to ridiculous things…like shove cake in your husband’s face. This one’ll get passed down for generations for sure!

Attention to Detail

They really got every detail of this photo down pat – from the exact location and same wedding dress to the groom’s adorable, awkward facial expression! Some things never change.

Preschool Sweethearts

You’ve heard of the phrase “high school sweethearts” before, but these two are apparently preschool sweethearts, which is equal parts impressive, and adorable.

Vampire Wife

This guy posted these two photos with the caption “My wife might be a vampire.” Honestly, he might be onto something. His wife has clearly not aged, but has surely gotten more beautiful over time!

The Royal-est of Couples

It seems like Queen Elizabeth II gets all of the media attention, but we forget that her husband, Prince Phillip is still alive as well at an impressive 99 years old! It really does seem like this royal couple may actually live forever!

Baby Faces

Is it just us, or do these two pretty much look exactly the same now as they did in their baby pictures? Either way, their names are named Aubrey and Mike. They were born 11 days apart and were introduced because their parents were friends. They began dating after college and got married after three years of dating!

Utterly Unamused

We hope that these two are actually happy to be getting married as adults, but either way they sure did get their childhood facial expressions down pat!

Same Ol' Dorky Expression

Have you ever seen a more quintessential middle school moment? In the left-hand photo, they clearly like each other but are too afraid to actually say it. In the right-hand photo, well, it appears that nothing has actually changed.

Once a Champion Always a Champion

The top photo shows legendary hockey coach Scotty Bowman and his wife with the Stanley Cup in 1977 when he was coaching the Montreal Canadiens. The bottom photo shows them once again with the Stanley Cup in 2013 when he worked as a consultant for the Chicago Blackhawks.

A Three-Parter

These two don’t look too happy to be standing next to each other as kids, but luckily they seem to have grown to like each other over the years!

Same Dress?

These two look pretty much look exactly the same in both photos, and more importantly, we’re really curious to know if she’s wearing the same dress. If so, that’s really impressive.

You're Never too Old to Look Cool on a Motorcycle

The photo on the left is of the couple as newlyweds in 1975, and the photo on the right is them celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2015. The bride even made her own dress and her groom’s jacket! But we gotta say that the ’70s motorcycle on the left is significantly cooler than the new one.

30 Years Later

While she doesn’t have the same ’80s haircut that she did in the first photo, these two still look very much happy and in love. And not to mention, he’s still got the same mustache, so clearly that’s been working out well for him!

Pride in the '90s and Now

This couple took a photo during Pride in 1993, and then again 24 years later. One Twitter user commented on the photos, “They’ve been marching for so long they actually witnessed gay marriage being legalized in all states.” The couple who marches together stays together!

Spot on!

This couple really outdid themselves with the details in the two photos. Just take a closer look and you’ll be pretty impressed!

Happier Than Ever

This guy is clearly even happier to be with his wife after all these years! Really makes you believe in true love, doesn’t it?

Still Happy After 44 Years

This couple’s names are Conrad and Louise Gonzalez, and they met an impressive 44 years ago in their accounting class. Conrad said about his wife, “I love her more than I ever have, I could not live my life without her.”

Sand Everywhere

This couple gets the award for putting the most effort into their photo. Seriously, you know how annoying it is to get sand out of your hair and clothes after you come home from a day at the beach.

More Renewed Vows

There’s really nothing more wholesome and adorable than an old couple renewing their vows. It means that after all these years they were willing to put in the effort to organize the whole thing, which is clearly a sign of true love.

Same Bonnet, Years Later

Have you ever seen a more quintessential ’70s photo? We certainly haven’t. It’s all about that bonnet and his shaggy haircut. Even though the haircut changed in the second photo, the love is clearly still there.

1970 to 2010

This photo was shared by this couple’s daughter on social media. The first photo was taken in 1970 and the second was taken in 2010…in the exact same spot of course. We’re pretty impressed with how similar they look in both photos!

Love in the Golden Gate City

Although their clothes aren’t exactly the same, they still did a good job recreating the first photo. And what could be more romantic than posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?

Sibling Bonds are Special Too!

Siblings can have an adorable bond too! Both photos were taken in Paris – one in 1995 and the other in 2005. But we just have to say, you guys were much more fashionable in the first photo!


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