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Kiss Cam Fails Ever: Awkward In-Stadium Moments Everyone Saw

The kiss cam is one of the major highlights during sporting events. While spectators wait for the games to begin and during half-time breaks, discovering who gets featured on the Jumbotron can add variety to the otherwise monotonous downtime. Many of these kiss cam pair-ups are touching, although most of them are simply hilarious, especially when unlikely pairs are pinpointed among the crowd. Who can forget those popular kiss cam couples – and kiss cam fails –  that are regularly featured on social media? What about those funny instances when even popular athletes found themselves to be victims of the teasing kiss cam?

If you are an avid sports fan, you already know that getting featured on the ever famous–or infamous–kiss cam is always a possibility. From regular people to high profile celebrities, the kiss cam is a notorious expert in finding its victims–even Tom Hanks and LeBron James became previous victims of the giant, prying monitor.

Finding yourself the focus of the kiss cam while watching a game can be too embarrassing, especially when you don’t want to be highlighted like that. Below are several instances when game spectators found themselves the unexpected highlights of the probing kiss cam.

Busy Eating Pizza

An unexpected kiss cam is too embarrassing, especially when it occurs during the most inconvenient situations. One girl busily eats her pizza and ignores the kiss cam while the girl beside her simply resorts to waving for the jumbotron. Well, maybe it’s because they aren’t even a couple and they may not know each other, as well.

No One to Make Out With

Nonetheless, the operator can sometimes have a dark sense of humor as when he zooms in on someone who’s obviously alone. The poor guy, who finds himself on the jumbotron’s screen, with no one he can kiss, simply ignores the camera. He looks sad and morose as he has no one beside him to kiss.

Oh, No! She’s My Sister!

The jumbotron operator typically focuses his kiss cam on couples who sit side by side. So, people who aren’t even closely related can become victims of the ‘nosy’ kiss cam, hoping to pinpoint lovers in the crowd. So, another guy suddenly flashes a “My sister” sign, effectively shutting up all other possible wild speculations.

I Won’t Kiss You

When a woman finds herself the jumbotron’s focus, she attempts to get her guy to kiss her, but he refuses to oblige. She tries for a few seconds more, and he refuses to budge. So she leaves him in his seat, and he flashes a shrug to the camera (pictured)… only for her to return and bash him on the head with her purse. Oh, what an awkward way to be jilted by the one you love!

Brotherly Love

So, these two guys are paired together by the jumbotron. The guy on the left pulls his companion towards him. At first, the other guy refuses to budge but does so in the end. This scene is equal parts cringe-worthy and funny. Although everything is done in the good spirit of the game, these two men do not look like a couple in a love relationship in the first place.

That Point-Blank Refusal

Of course, when the kiss cam features a couple on the screen, the viewers’ expected reaction is to see the couple kiss. But this other guy, when featured by the kiss cam, simply refuses to kiss his partner. Well, maybe it’s because they were in an on-going fight during that moment—or perhaps they’re simply not together in the first place!

A Brutal Rejection

One of the most embarrassing scenes involves getting jilted amid a big crowd of spectators. This guy refuses to kiss his partner. He emphatically shakes his head, consistently refusing to kiss the beautiful woman beside him. Perhaps, they aren’t a couple. Otherwise, who could even say no to kissing a pretty woman like her? Or maybe they’re in the middle of a fight?

Another One Takes Her Place

So, what if you get featured on the jumbotron and the kiss cam waits for you to kiss your guy? This girl who suddenly finds herself the kiss’s focus vehemently refuses to kiss the man beside her. Luckily, one of the other women takes her place and kisses the poor man waiting to be showered with some love. You go, girl!

Hold My Beer

Getting featured on the jumbotron requires you to kiss your partner. However, what if you’re currently holding your beer when the kiss cam focuses on you both? You can let someone else have your beer for a few seconds. Yet, this woman does that and finds the one holding her beer go further as he decides to drink her beer as well.

Mother and Son

Perhaps, the most awkward kiss cam scene is between a mother and a son. What do you do when you’re watching a game with your mom, and you suddenly find yourselves the focus of the jumbotron? A mother and son find themselves featured on the kiss cam. Although the mom sees this as hilarious, she doesn’t want to kiss her son, as well. However, the son doesn’t find it funny as he seriously attempts to contradict the probing cam’s ministrations.

An Uncomfortable Scene

Not everyone is comfortable enough with flagrant, spontaneous displays of public affection. While we deeply understand that everyone’s rightly entitled to their own privacy and individual choices, this specific couple’s refusal to give in to the kiss cam’s request is certifiably cringe-worthy, to say the least. What about just a quick, little peck on the cheek, please?

A Rejected Kiss

Most of us avoid being the focus of the jumbotron. Nonetheless, it becomes pretty embarrassing for the one who initiates a jumbotron kiss when the other person refuses the overture. This guy gamely attempts to kiss the girl beside him, but she ostensibly rejects him. She pushes him away while the other guy beside her laughs at the awkward scene.

My One True Love

Although being featured on the jumbotron may not mean professing one’s everlasting love for another, this girl still thinks it’s best to kiss her drink rather than her companion. So, she laughingly pecks the can of soda for the camera. Perhaps, this aims to be a joke, but her boyfriend looks a bit sad and disappointed. Maybe, they’re still on that getting-to-know-you stage!

You Should Always Kiss the Girl

Being caught on cam may be a tad embarrassing for anyone. Yet this guy attempts to be funny when he kisses his beer instead of his girl. The crowd laughs along with him, although his girlfriend doesn’t seem too impressed with his antics. Well, who wants to be replaced by a beer, for that matter?

We’re Just Friends!

The jumbotron hopes to pinpoint lovers in the crowd, which gets increasingly difficult as not all couples attend these games together. Take again, for instance, this couple. The guy shakes his head, and the girl does, too. However, the kiss cam becomes so insistent that he hurriedly pecks her on the cheek anyway.

A Willing Display of Passion

Most times, the camera catches a mismatched couple or a pair who clearly doesn’t want to get involved in an awkward display of affection, but sometimes. the camera spots couples who are truly caught up in the moment, as these two ere.  Sometimes though, these couples to “too far” and make it uncomfortable for the viewing public to watch…

Their Own Bubble

Take this couple, for instance. They’re so absorbed in themselves that they ignore the uproarious reaction—or even the sudden uncomfortable silence—of the crowd and just go along with it, milking the one-time chance of being featured on the jumbotron. Not that we’re overly conservative here, but this is kind of cringe-worthy, isn’t it?

Messing with the Men

The kiss cam apparently finds it hilarious to pair up men teasingly. Nonetheless, this cute kiss from a buddy is hilarious, and the pair makes it look sweet and wholesome as they play along with the kiss cam request, making the audience collectively sigh in appreciation. A cool way to be kissed by a macho friend, isn’t it?

Popping the Most Wanted Question

A perfect use of the kiss cam may be zooming on a guy who wants to have a one-off chance of making a marriage proposal via the jumbotron. This guy takes the opportunity to ask his girlfriend to marry him when the kiss cam focuses on them. Well, let’s just hope the girl gives him a positive answer, then.

Just No!

Yet, what about focusing the kiss cam on two people who suddenly decide to change their partners in the middle of the game? When finding herself on the screen, this girl turns to the guy beside her but gets disappointed when he refuses to oblige. Well, she decides to turn to the guy on her other side and asks him for a kiss instead. Ouch!

No More Spark?

How shameful—and sad—it can be when you’re suddenly the focus of the kiss cam, and you turn to your partner for a kiss, and yet she says no? This man does just that but gets utterly surprised when his partner goes for the other guy beside him instead! Oh no, that’s just painful and savage!

Sweep Her Off Her Feet

That’s entirely in contrast to this guy in focus who simply grabs his partner and kisses her to the max, to the uproarious cheer of the crowd. Well, lucky guy—and lucky Jumbotron witness, as well. However, much to the annoyance of the guy below them as his head became the holding post of the kissing couple above!

Surprise! Surprise!

Many are reluctant to be part of the kiss cam features. This elderly gentleman refuses to be part of the kiss cam hype and steadfastly wags his finger on the screen. Well, it’s really awkward to find yourself the sudden focus of the jumbotron, but why not give your wife a peck on the cheek at least, eh?

They Get Noticed, Finally

One of the more touching scenes involves President Carter and his wife. When they find themselves noticed by the kiss cam, he hugs his wife and gives her a tender kiss on the lips. The crowd roars and cheers to the smiles of the elderly couple involved. Who doesn’t want to feel loved like that?

Belated Reaction

Because the kiss cam often catches people by surprise, many people do not react in time. This woman’s belated reaction is hilarious as she finds her partner suddenly reaching for her. He kisses her quickly and she eventually realizes that they’re on the Jumbotron screen. The couple laughs in the end as they both acknowledge the kiss cam’s focus on them.


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