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Interior Beauty of Everyday Things Revealed in These Fascinating Photos

We’re never really given the opportunity to stop and appreciate the magic and interior beauty of everyday items, but once the layers have been peeled back, we’re able to discover the fascinating innards of our everyday electronics, gadgets, toys, appliances, and other common items. Some of these products show off exactly what was expected. Nothing too surprising. But then, every once in a while, we’ll all be treated to a sight we’d never anticipated. Still, beauty, well… interior beauty in this case, has interesting ways of captivating us. Now please enjoy the interiors of some our favorite everyday objects!

A Chinese Market Hard Drive

Chinese street merchants have some of the cheapest electronic prices around. That’s because their products don’t always come as promised. This external “hard drive” merely contains a tiny USB flash drive, lots of glue, and some weights to give the impression you were really purchasing a high-gigabyte hard drive, when in reality, you are purchasing a desk weight.

Made in...Somewhere

You might be proud to see a “made in America” imprint on your favorite items. Why wouldn’t you be? However, how do you really know that your product was made in America? According to this nozzle head, only the spray handle was manufactured here. Otherwise, this “American” product was still made in China.

Pie Automat - Manhattan, 1936

An automat serves simple food and drinks through a vending machine interface. The foods and beverages were clearly stocked by workers in the back – behind the scenes, if you will. Amazingly, the first model opened in Berlin, Germany back in 1895. This one was a simple pie automat in Manhattan in 1936.

Space Mountain With Lights

Sometimes seeing the world in the light can be ugly. This is particularly true when looking at the inside of Disney’s Space Mountain when the lights are turned on for maintenance. The magic and thrill is gone, replaced with tracks and beams reminiscent of a construction zone. Still, the more you know…

The World's Deepest Man-Made Pool

You’re looking at Nemo 33, once the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool. It holds 660,000 gallons of water, and reaches a depth of 113 feet. Swimming to the deep-end has a whole new meaning.

The Back of a Pinball Machine

With the amount of thick wiring and plastic ring of bold black letters, you’d be wrong to assume this is a modern-day pinball machine. Rather, this is a 1970s electromechanical pinball machine. Admire its clean, organized, and well-laid out logical schematics.

A Naked CT Scanner

A CT scanner without its shielding makes the machine look so much more futuristic. This machine, which takes many x-ray images of your body from several angles, can create a 3D representation with the aid of a computer. A low-“slice” scanner can cost as low as $65,000 while a new state-of-the-art scanner can cost upward of $2 million!

An Undersea Cable Cross-Section

The world is “connected” by air (well, space) and by sea. Take a look at this cross-section of an undersea cable. Optical fibers placed in the center of this monstrous cable can transmit data near 60 terabytes per second. In other words, 60,000 gigabytes per second. That’s like sending 10,000, two-hour HD movies somewhere else in the world in the matter of a snap.

A Cross-Section of the 1858 Trans-Atlantic Cable

The very first transatlantic cable was laid from western Ireland to Heart’s Content in eastern Newfoundland. The cable took four years (1854 to 1858) to develop, manufacture, and lay down. A message that would originally take 10 days by ship now only required minutes. Unfortunately, the cable only survived three weeks before it became unusable.

The Original Mini Cooper

The British-born Mini auto marque was first introduced in 1969. However, the original two-door car was actually introduced in 1959. Nonetheless, looking back, this tiny car didn’t have much inside or keeping it together. The engine was mini, the seats were mini, the wheels were mini… everything about this car was mini.

A Little Taken From a Big

Unless you’ve had a knife completely fall apart on you, not many of us can say we’ve seen the handle portion of a knife blade without its covering. Funnily enough, it looks as though this manufacturer managed to eek out a smaller blade for production.

Reusing Heads

If you told us that a tiny blonde doll head stuffed inside a toy horse would act as its beautiful tail, we wouldn’t believe it. Still, products and manufacturer lines change all the time. Occasionally, unneeded or unused factory inventory may be used in other products, even if they seem completely unrelated on the surface. Nevertheless, this “addition” made us laugh.

A Gorgeous Mechanical Watch

This lovely image shows the inner workings of a Patek Philippe watch. You may be mesmerized by the shades of silver and gold and the red of synthetic rubies (on the right), but the entirety of it shows mankind’s dedication to time keeping. While we’re unsure of this particular model, Patek Philippe watches range in price from $20,000 to over $500,000.

A Lantern Battery

You may not have been aware that many larger batteries are actually just a bunch of smaller batteries combined. For instance, this Duracell lantern battery is composed of four D-cell batteries placed on a small platform. No doubt, this conceals the fact that this battery is more or less a lie. But thankfully it still works.

A 9V Battery

Didn’t believe us? Here’s another 9-volt Duracell battery. It’s clearly much smaller, so even smaller batteries are needed. In this case, four AAAA batteries are connected to provide the specifications of the 9V.

Sprite - Before and After

On the left, we have an everyday 20 oz. bottle of Sprite. On the right, we have a Sprite bottle before it’s been expanded by high pressured air to form the lime-green bottle we all know and love.

A Brick-Paving Machine

The term “machine” is used loosely here. While the machine moves itself, carries bricks, and formally lays the finished product, workers are required to lay the brick in the particular design a customer demands. Still, if you were ever wondering how brick roads are completed so quickly, now you know!

Cross-Section of an Airplane

The cross-section of a plane is quite revealing. For one thing, the circular tube protecting us from the outside aerial world is much thinner than you’d think. Secondly, look at the insane amount of storage space right beneath our feet. And thirdly, look at how tiny those seats are!

The Inside of a Lighter

Here you have the inside of a Zippo lighter. Behind its brass body, you’ll notice several internal components. The string snaking its way inside is the wick, packed along Rayon Balls. On the bottom left, you’ll see a felt pad. In the vertical tube on the right side, you have a screw that pushes its flint up to the flint wheel.

The Akai CS-55D Invert-O-Matic Cassette Auto Reverse

We’re sure this was a modern marvel of cassette tape, auto-reversing technology at the time, and looking at it now… it still looks extremely complicated. This may have been life-changing back then, but to see it took half this large machine to flip over a tape… makes us question and price of this utility.

A Carrot-Pulling Machine

At the grocery store, carrots are nothing special, but when they’re being picked up by their green tops by a carrot harvester, they’re quite a sight. This machine can harvest up nearly two miles worth of carrots in a field within an hour.

Cocoa Seeds (Mid-Fermentation)

What looks like two kidneys and a brain sliced in half is nothing more than three cocoa seeds split open during the mid-stage of their fermentation. Still, we can’t stop thinking about the former.

Tank Designed by Leonardo da Vinci

Da Vinci was clearly a man ahead of his time. This may be a mock-up but for modern historians to discover such a design in his manuscripts that could be physically and functionally built…makes you realize how forward-thinking this man truly was.

A Hedge Trimmer

Keeping your hedges in tip-top shape has never been easier. This cordless hedge trimmer does make you realize how much plastic and how little “tool” there actually is in such a device.

A European Hedgehog

For such a chunky-looking spiked animal, the skeleton of this little beast is smaller than we had imagined. Even more shocking to us is the amount of tissue, muscle, and fat on its underside. And still, this little body is able to produce thousands of little spikes upon its back.


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