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Hilarious Las Vegas Photos: These Photos Should Have STAYED in Vegas

You know, the old saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” really isn’t as true as it used to be. Back in the days of disposable cameras, sure, you could get those Vegas photos developed and then keep them to yourself (or burn them), but today, with the advent of social media allowing you to post instantly from wherever you are (no matter how impaired your judgement may be), it can be a little harder to take those moments back. Plus, since we’re a world about sharing, chances are that if it was weird enough, even if you didn’t capture it, somebody else did. Well, with great fun comes great comedic opportunity, we guess. Check out these 20 hilarious Las Vegas photos that should have stayed in Vegas.

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What a Deal!

No wonder all the other casinos were so empty!

Swingers Welcome

It is VERY unclear whether they were talking about golf, or something else entirely…

They Know Their Audience

“Drink to Forget” is clearly this proprietor’s motto … Well, he does live in Vegas.

Oh, Baby!

That baby looks like he might still be reeling from that vacation!

It's a-Me...

Sometimes the grind of rescuing your girlfriend from a giant angry turtle just gets to be too much…

Now Hiring...

Trump Tower looming in the background really completes the photo.

Squad Rollin' up

This group of London lads wasn’t messing around with their attire. They GET Vegas.

Oh, Bally's!

One critical letter went out on the sign for Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino that night, making it fit in with the landscape even more.

Oh, Bother!

“Christopher Robin? I haven’t heard that name in 30 years…”

You Did Your Best, Buddy

Sometimes you just have to take the L and sleep on the hotel floor.

Well That's Unfortunate

Which one of those billboards went up second, and why did nobody say anything?

Wrecked, in the Literal Sense

Well, we know one thing that’s definitely staying in Vegas, and it’s that car.

Target Audience

The best place to put this billboard would be near the airport, facing the incoming traffic.

*Filthy Richard

Only in Vegas. (Also, extra credit for the dish called “Hangover Helper.”)


Is he requesting money in exchange? What does he get out of this?

Slots, Slots, Slots!

They really are EVERYWHERE! (Pro tip: Don’t use these, even if your bag is taking FOREVER. They have the lowest payout rate in ALL of Vegas.)

You Do You, Guy

That chainmail is made entirely out of soda tabs, which is actually just very impressive.

Minnie? Mickey?!

Costumed characters who are off the clock, or the aftermath of a very elaborate bank heist?

The Boys Are-a Back in Town!

This bachelor party isn’t messing around! (Just don’t eat any of the mushrooms you see around town, guys.)

That's a Convincer

OK, so this isn’t a pic FROM Vegas. It’s from London. But talk about genius advertising!

Just a Mouse Down on Her Luck

Looks like Minnie really isn’t taking her latest breakup with Mickey well at all…

Well Then...

That wording had to be on purpose, right? Right?!?!

Play by the Rules

Think this cab driver throws on extra Aspirin and cleaning fees to all his rides?

Monster Game

When he tells you to hit him, you throw the card down and get out of the way quick.

Nap Time

Well, that’s certainly a way to make sure you can continue gambling between naps.

Save the Date

Since Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, it seems appropriate to ask what are the odds that this person actually makes it to their wedding?

Way Too Much Lasagna

This is certainly one way to get over a bad Monday…


Yes, that’s just a balloon hat, but thanks to the composition of this photo,  it really looks like a gigantic balloon woman is wreaking havoc on the Vegas strip, King Kong-style.

Feel the Power of the Dark Side

If you look within the red circle, it really looks like the visage of Star Wars villain Emperor Palpatine is looming over the Vegas Strip. Which is only appropriate given the lightning strikes.

Heading Home

What better photo to exemplify what a Vegas trip is like than this look at the city’s airport on a Sunday night, with tourists literally staggering their way home.

A Little Something for Everyone?

Apparently Vegas is home to the Alien Center, which boasts all of the most important things in life that all happen to be open 24/7: a gas station, a diner, and a brothel. So, our only question here is, where do the aliens fit in? We’re, uh, hoping it’s more of a situation where they’re pumping our gas rather than in the brothel. Don’t think we really need to explain that one to you any further.

Teaching 'Em Young?

It’s hard to tell from the photo whether the thing this guy is holding is a doll or a real baby, but we’re hoping it’s the former. Just in case it does happen to be a real baby, what on earth could the story be here? We’d imagine that this guy is the grandpa and he figured he’d take the baby out for a little walk in the evening… only, he got sidetracked by slot machines. Or something like that.

The Cutest Little Gondola Attendant

In Vegas you can take fun little gondola boat rides from the Venetian Resort. Normally your gondola attendant would be a boring old human, but in this case it’s a cute little dog. We’re just hoping the dog knows how to steer the boat, but we’re betting he probably doesn’t, given that he’s not even paying attention and is instead enjoying the attention from the customers. Hopefully they all know how to swim in case of a mishap!

That's... Ominous

If you need a place to live in Vegas you can always count on the French Villa Apartments because they apparently always have a studio apartment available when you need one. That’s cool and all, but we’re mainly wondering about the part that says “If not… we’ll find you one.” That’s rather ominous. Does that entail kicking people out of their apartments against their will? We really hope not, because that’s pretty rude. On second thought, we’ll find somewhere else to live instead.

Batman, The Joker, and Bane Walk Into a Bar...

Honestly, we don’t really have a punchline here, but you have to admit that it is an awfully good setup for a joke. On the left there, Batman looks like he’s straight up over having his picture taken. They probably get bombarded with photo requests from adoring fans all the time while they’re out and about in Sin City. Can’t three DC comic book characters have their lunch break in peace for just this once??

A Hairy Situation

A mohawk is a difficult hairstyle to maintain. Firstly, you have to make sure the sides of your head are freshly shaved, and then you’ve got to spike the middle section up using a heavy duty styling gel (or even glue in some cases). But this guy took his mohawk to even new heights (literally) by painting the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on one side, and the American flag on the other. Imagine how much maintenance that takes every time he goes out!

Wash Away Your Sins

Unfortunately the classic saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” isn’t entirely true if you’re a person of faith. You see, all of that sinning you’re doing isn’t going unnoticed by the Man Upstairs – he’s taking notes and he sees everything you’re doing. As such, you’d better have a way to repent. But luckily there’s a local church right in town! You can stop there (in a very hungover state) right before your flight home on Sunday morning.

They've Got a Point There

We know what you’re doing right now: you’re at your friend’s bachelor party weekend in Vegas and you just snuck out to the bathroom to check your work email because your boss just messaged you about something that totally could’ve waited until after you’re back in the office. Do you feel personally attacked by this message? If so, log out of your work email and tell your boss to go kick rocks. You’re on vacation, after all.

One Man Wolfpack

One cool thing about Vegas is that if you’re a celebrity lookalike, you can just walk down the Las Vegas Strip and intoxicated people will walk right up asking to get a photo with you.

The guy in this photo is basically a spitting image of Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover, but these women are too drunk to know the difference. Heck, he could even start charging money for people to get a photo with him and they’ll be none the wiser until they scroll through their photos once they’re back home! Is this a slimy business model? Yes. But is it also genius? Absolutely.

Straight to the Casino

The woman in this photo clearly just got hitched, and she decided she needed to head to the nearest casino immediately after the wedding ceremony before even changing out of her extravagant wedding dress. But then again, you only have the chance to get married in Vegas once (probably), so you might as well take advantage of what the city has to offer. Hopefully her new spouse knew about her little “habit” before they officially tied the knot! Otherwise, this will be a very awkward conversation once they get back home…

This is Why Vegas and Tattoos Don't Mix

If you’re out on the town in Vegas and you get the sudden urge to go get a tattoo, here’s a piece of advice: don’t. Trust us on this, tattoos are permanent and you will regret it for the rest of your life. Just use this photo as a cautionary tale. This person wanted to commemorate their love of the band Bon Jovi by getting one of their lyrics permanently inked on their skin and didn’t exactly proofread it beforehand. Our next question is, why didn’t the artist stop them?

Just Bros Being Bros

You know what? Men really don’t get enough opportunities to just be themselves and chill with their bros and talk about their feelings. These guys understand that so after their long night of debauchery at the bars, they went back to their hotel to just cuddle and hang out. Perhaps one of them recently went through a breakup and needed the brotherly support. We fully support this adorable comradery and wholesome example of male friendship!

Taking the Planking Craze to the Next Level

Remembering the planking craze of 2011? Well, it seems that this lady jumped on that bandwagon and brought it all the way to the casinos in Vegas. We have to critique her form a bit though; she needs to keep her legs straight, otherwise it’s not much of a plank! But we do have to give her props for being able to get up on the machine in the first place – that was certainly no easy feat!

This Seems Like it Would Be a Fruitless Effort

It’s a nice gesture that the people holding the sign think that they have a chance at saving the sinners on the Las Vegas Strip, but let’s be real here, that ain’t going to happen because they’re just too far gone to be saved at this point. Just kidding, they can still be saved, but they’ll realize it on Sunday morning right before their flight home and go to church hungover. But it still counts though, right?


We were under the impression that the “I hate my wife” jokes went out of style more than 20 years ago, but apparently that isn’t the case in Vegas, and this guy is milking it for all it’s worth. His sign says that his friend stole his wife so he needs some money from passersby to thank him with a card. Well, hopefully he feels a bit better about his life now that he’s single. Charming…

Vegas Street Performers

Vegas is a place where you’ll regularly see creative street performances as you walk down the Strip. It’s pretty neat to watch, and a great way for the hardworking performers to make a few extra dollars from all of the curious tourists walking by. This trick in particular involves a man “levitating” while he holds onto nothing but a thin pole to stop him from floating away. We won’t spoil the illusion for you, because we’re not that mean.

No This is Patrick

Anything can be an instrument if you want it to be, Patrick. All you have to do is believe, and if you drink enough tequila, it will surely help you make music. Or rather, tequila will help you feel confident enough to play the guitar in front of other people, even though you literally only know the chords to “Wonderwall” and your parents always begged you to stop playing when you were a kid. (In summary, please don’t do this, unless you want everyone to hate you.)

When the Company Takes a Trip to Sin City

Sometimes company execs decide that they’re going to take everyone on a big trip somewhere like Vegas, for example. It’s a nice gesture, but things can surely get awkward when you’re in a place known for debauchery with your boss and all of his or her high-powered buddies. These two women clearly gathered that sentiment, and they’re feeling uncomfortable with how rowdy their boss is acting. Seriously, just keep it down, Becky, you’re being embarrassing!

A Star Wars Wedding

Well, we never thought we’d see a storyline where Yoda and Darth Vader get married, but here we are. Anything is possible in Vegas, right? Vader looks so handsome in his tux and Yoda looks beautiful in that frilly wedding dress. We have to wonder who officiated the wedding – it was probably Jar Jar Binks or something – because apparently anything goes in this universe. Now Yoda is Luke’s stepmother. That’s totally not weird or anything…

One Night Stand

Sometimes people like to dress up in creative costumes in Vegas just for the heck of it. Why not? When you’ve got a creative idea, let it ride. This guy in particular went with a “one night stand” costume consisting of, well, a literal night stand with a lamp shade and various other things you’d find on a bedside table. It’s a creative play on words, and much more wholesome than the other type of “one night stand” he could’ve been.


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