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News Reporting Fails: The Funniest Moments Caught on Camera

Turning on the 6:00 news, we’re usually treated to a routine in professionalism that is largely unrivaled. Reporting the news isn’t easy to do, but somehow newscasters get through the broadcast without incident. Well, not all the time. Reporting live lends itself to the eventual slip-up or blooper. From crazy weather to random pedestrians looking for their three seconds on live TV to seemingly harmless inanimate objects that somehow make their way into the report, you have the perfect recipe for the ultimate news reporting fails.

Check out this hilarious collection of news reporting fails, and relive these funny moments as they happened live on television.

Werk It!

Hey, when you have an audience, you have to take your opportunity at stardom. Well, at least internet stardom!

Fish Out of Water

This is one reporter who is definitely a fish human out of her element.

Dude, Like, Watch Out

Like, how does he not see the speeding inner tube coming directly for him!?


This was is a double win. You’ve got the creepy kid. Then you get the weird GIF loop that makes it seem like the guy changes races while running!

Uh, Poor Hand Gesture Choice...

She should have thought through her gesticulations a little bit more before going on air.

Too up Close and Personal

Oops! Somebody wasn’t quite ready to be on the air.

'This Bankruptcy Is Making Me All Hot'

We guess bankruptcy really gets these guys’ motors running!


If you’re not wearing a belt with your suit, you deserve to get pantsed.

We Hope She's Alright

Nice tackle! We’re going to need an ice pack over here. … And the ref could care less. “Touchdown!”

'Why Would You Do That?!'

You really shouldn’t sneak up on unsuspecting reporters, but his reaction is absolute gold.

'I'll Just Grab Onto This Rope Here Annnnndddd....'

Don’t rely on random ropes for better balance while reporting on a boat. Rookie mistake!

'Look Ma, I'm Gonna Be on TV...'

Wow. Chalk this one up to the News Reporting Fail Hall of Fame!

Blast ... Down?

Up, up, and a …… fail!

Pretty Sure This Is Just a Ratings Ploy

Does anybody know why a weatherwoman would need to do jumping jacks on air? Not that we’re complaining.

This Is Definitely a Ratings Ploy!

This one is actually a win for giving this kitty some cuddles. Who wouldn’t tune in for weather cats?

'Oh My God That Hurt'

What’s that old saying, “Don’t report and walk at the same time?”

First on the Scene!

At least this reporter will be able to claim he was first on the scene of this accident!

'Um, We'll Be Right Back'

The look on the station reporter’s face is priceless.

Snow Angel?

You’d think a weatherman would be well aware of the dangers of standing by the side of the road during a snowstorm.

Dance Like No- Somebody Is Watching!

Well, someone clearly went a little overboard during their boozy brunch.

My God, She's See-Through!

When KTLA’s Liberté Chan wore a lightly colored dress on air for her morning weather report, she didn’t realize it would blend in with the green screen behind her. Not sure why the other reporter is running over with his coat. She’s not naked, dude.

Fake News!

via GIPHY/Fox News

Fox denies this accident ever happened and blames the “lame” stream media for not reporting that the drummer was “actually” an illegal immigrant.

When The Economy Hits You In The Face

How are you supposed to rise above the issue of politics vs economics when your set is literally crashing down on top of you?

I Think You Missed Your Mouth...

Most people miss their mouths just slightly but this newscaster didn’t even come close to her lips before pouring her hot tea all over herself.

Ahh! It's A Pterodactyl

Nothing could’ve been more perfect about this clip. Between reacting to a Beatle as if it were a hornet and the perfect caption of “Super Lucky Friday”, this news fail is absolute gold.


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