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Dad Fails That Are Awkward, Hilarious, and Wildly Entertaining

Let’s be real: Dads tend to get a bad reputation when it comes to taking care of their kids. Sometimes dads make unfortunate decisions and have a complete dad fail. As you go through these slides, you’ll find yourself begging the question, “What were they thinking?!” Poor dads. They have a very difficult job, and we commend them for their efforts. That said, these awkward, hilarious dad fails are simply unforgivable — and wildly entertaining.

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Tight Squeeze

It might be better to pull over another chair next time.

A Solid Attempt

It’s the thought that counts, right?

New Look

This dad is going to regret not taking a bathroom break.

It's Going Down

It’s all fun and games until dad wants to ride in the cart, too.

Wild Ride

Going from 0 to 100 real, real fast!

New Trick

Who needs a stroller when a plunger can do the same job?

Making a Fashion Statement

Someone needs to teach this dad his left from his right!

Dinner, Anyone?

When you are a new parent, it’s all about the multitasking.

Hiking 101

Now that’s a unique way to get up the mountain.

Getting Around

For this dad, it’s a diaper bag and stroller all in one.

Halloween Gone Wrong

Batman and Robin probably would have been the better choices.

Taking Breezy to a New Level

“Hey ma, check out this new trick!”

Holiday Card Fail

This dad might be getting coal in his stocking for that fashion choice.

Locked Out

Looks like this whole parenting thing is off to a great start.

Party Time

It’s never too early to practice for college.

New Heights

Hey dad, the railing is there for a reason!

View From the Top

Forget the rules! This dad wants to make sure his kid gets the best view.

All About Multitasking

This kid doesn’t seem so happy that his stroller got turned into a shopping cart.


Where’s a sippy cup when you need one?

New Technology

Turns out a baby and a mousepad work in the same way!

Fashion Faux Pas

Let’s leave the outfit choices up to mom in the future.

A New Type of Step Stool

This dad doesn’t seem to care that the fancy stroller wasn’t designed to be a makeshift ladder.

Feeding Time

This feeding technique was definitely not in the baby book.

Naps on Naps

At least he got the baby to take a nap!

Happy Father's Day

This might not be how we’d celebrate Father’s Day, but hey, whatever floats this guy’s… boat.

Swing Swing

Taking inspiration  from the noble, uh, Yo-Yo, this dad has found a way to make sure his daughter can swing while he’s able to relax.

Desperate Times

Speaking of swings, this dad brought building a DIY swing to a whole new level.

Rev it Up

Dad made sure him and his little buddy are ride to ride a hog on the one road… we’d imagine much to mom’s chagrin.

Kiwi Squared

Well, at least we know the baby won’t be forgotten at the supermarket.


As we’ve seen, being a dad can be veeeeery tiring.


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