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Creative Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect for the Spookiest Season

Halloween is undoubtedly autumn’s most popular holiday. People pull out their cozy sweaters and jackets and decorate their homes with fall and scary décor to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween. In addition to going pumpkin-picking and putting a jack-o-lantern outside, people also celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costumes. While Halloween is meant to be spooky, people typically dress as a famous or fictional character. Whether trick-or-treating or for a Halloween party, people conjure up creative ideas for Halloween costumes to woo their family and friends. When it comes to Halloween costumes, the crazier the picture, the better it is. Here are some creative Halloween costumes that would guarantee anyone a successful Halloween!

The Scariest Fish Costume

Many people dress up as animals to get into the Halloween spirit. Some of the most common animal costumes are rabbits, spiders, and even dinosaurs. But, this costume is very different. We have two girls dressed as angler fish. Angler fish are bony fish characterized by their large heads, wide mouths, and small bodies. 

Their dorsal spine protrudes above their mouths like a fishing pole, hence their name. These women did a fantastic job of appearing creepy and adding electronics into their costumes. No wonder angler fish is considered one of the scariest creatures under the sea. This costume looks frightening!

3D Printed Faces

While Halloween is only one day out of the year, people put loads more time and energy into crafting the perfect costume. This man wanted his face to appear deranged and red as if someone had come and ripped off all of the skin on his face. 

He could have created this illusion with just stage makeup. However, he took things a step further. He printed out a 3D replica of his face to carry with him. He has a prop aiding one of the most creative costume ideas ever. 3D printers are expensive and hard to come by, but this is so scary it’s worth the hassle!

War Against the Holidays

Children love playing with toys. That includes little green soldiers. While not all children played with them, all children have seen these little green men at least once. People love reminiscing about the good old days as a child; that was how this group costume was born.

This Halloween costume is one of our favorite childhood toys brought to life! Not only is it creative, but it is one of the easier costumes to put together. All you need is some green screen jumpsuits and green costumes to make this costume a reality. We’d love to see this one at Halloween parties everywhere!

Running the Apple Store

Steve Jobs is one of the world’s most successful and famous people. Of course, people are power-hungry and aspire to be just like jobs. But, since everyone can’t be him, Halloween is the perfect time to at least dress like him! Besides dressing like Jobs, this man spent the entirety of Halloween just hanging out in an Apple store.

The Apple geniuses were probably impressed by the costume and the commitment this man took to get into character. Having an iPhone in his hands all day while walking around the Apple store sold people on the idea. We love to see it!

Convincing Stock Photo

Stock photographs can be used for both creative and business purposes. They are very generic in nature and can be found almost anywhere on the internet. For example, this man has a face made for a stock photograph. Not only that, he blends in perfectly with the other people in the picture.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this was a real stock photo that could be found on the internet. Sure, he might have to carry the photograph around and smile all night, but this is an inventive Halloween costume that would win many costume contests!

Dress Like 'Dominoes'

The girl on the right didn’t get the memo that everyone else did—this lovely group of people, other than that one girl, dressed up as dominoes. Dominoes are oblong pieces, between o and six dots on each half. 

There must have been some sort of miscommunication because the girl on the right dressed up as a piece of pizza. She probably assumed that her peers meant Domino’s Pizza, not dominoes the game. Well, at least she is aware of her mistake for next time…if there is a next time!

Amazon Prime

It’s time that Optimus Prime meets fellow superhero Amazon Prime. Everyone has heard of the famous Transformers franchise character Optimus Prime, who is notorious for leading the Autobots. Optimus Prime is known for saving the human race on different occasions, but so is Amazon Prime. Just not in the same sense as Optimus Prime. 

Amazon Prime delivers stuff to our doorsteps in record-breaking time. Amazon Prime is the hero we didn’t know we needed and the hero we deserve. No wonder people are dressing up like this superhero for Halloween!

Bioluminescent Jellyfish

The best Halloween costumes have specific details or elements that make them work. These jellyfish costumes look ordinary during the day. Sure, they are cool, but there is nothing special about them. However, they come alive during the night! 

LED lights add some pizzazz to any old jellyfish costume. The jellyfish costumes glow when the lights go down; luckily, a battery pack will keep the LED lights charged all night long. It’s just that simple. Name a more creative and simple Halloween costume. Exactly, you can’t. This is the best one yet!

Official Halloween Costume of Chefs

This costume appears to be based on the Disney animated film Ratatouille. The film chronicles a rat named Remy who has a knack for cooking and dreams of becoming a chef. He aligns with a restaurant’s garbage boy, and things escalate. 

This is an incredible costume design. We aren’t sure if there is a plastic mouse in the hat or a cutout casting a shadow of a rat. But, regardless, it gets the idea across. This should be the official Halloween costume of chefs everywhere. People would eat it up!

Out of the Woodwork

This is one of the most surprising costumes featured on this list. The costume was hand-made and is meant to play the iconic role of neighbor Wilson from the popular 1990s sitcom Home Improvement. 

Though it isn’t instantly recognizable, anyone who watched the show would be amazed by this costume. Unfortunately, the actor who played Wilson, Earl Hindman, passed away in 2003. But, this costume is a beautiful tribute to him and helps keep his memory alive. This costume is undoubtedly better than any store-bought option!

On Fire

This girl is on fire, literally! Though Samsung has sold many electronics, including cell phones, the company has a dark past that many are unaware of. For example, fires in the Samsung Note 7 led to the most extensive phone recall in history. 

This woman must have been personally impacted by one of these fires to dress up as a burnt Samsung Note 7 for Halloween. If only these phones came with their own fire extinguisher, just as her costume does, that would’ve made things so much easier!

Headless Horseman

The story of the Headless Horseman has been around for centuries and has only grown. According to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Headless Horseman is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York. 

Despite this, many have claimed to have seen the Headless Horseman lurking, especially on days like Halloween. Though the Headless Horseman doesn’t have a head, he still talks to anyone who talks to him. As a result, he thrives on Halloween, and nobody should worry unless the real Headless Horseman arises from his grave!

A Trophy Wife and Kids

This creative costume is a fun play on words. Plus, it gives a new, literal meaning to the phrase “trophy wife.” Typically, a trophy wife is a wife who symbolizes a person’s social status. But, in this case, the “trophy wife” and her kids are doused in gold paint. 

Not only that, they have nameplates to match. The matriarch of the family looks like the total trophy. She has a tennis racket and everything. But, the three kids joined in the fun to make an incredibly creative family Halloween costume. Hopefully, the husband/father realizes how lucky he is!

Want S’more?

Not only is this costume clever, but it is also budget-friendly. Each family member is part of the s’mores. The parents are the graham crackers that hold everything together. The oldest child is a Hershey bar, and the youngest is a little marshmallow with an extra white patch around him.

The two children are standing on a wagon, representing the fire the s’mores are roasted over. This adorable costume reminds us of cozy nights around the campfire eating s’mores with our loved ones. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Harry Potter

People love dressing up as their favorite book, television and movie character. So, seeing Harry Potter costumes is inevitable. Since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone debuted in the early 2000s, people have become enamored with the Harry Potter franchise. 

This dad conjured up the perfect Halloween costume for himself, including his three kids. Being a Harry Potter fanatic, the dad makes a perfect Hagrid while the children are dressed as wizards Ron, Harry, and Hermione. This one is so adorable!

Florence and the (Washing) Machine

This one is for all of the Florence and the Machine fans out there. Florence and the Machine is an English indie rock band for those who are unfamiliar. The band’s lead singer is Florence Welch. The band also features the talents of keyboardist Isabella Summers. 

This costume is one of the more creative couples costumes we have seen. On the right, we have Florence looking gorgeous as ever. On the left, we have her partner in crime, the (washing machine). Hopefully, we will see more clever, musically themed costumes like this in the future!

Han Solo Cup

Anyone who loves Star Wars is bound to love this costume. Since the original Star Wars movies became integrated into popular culture, people have immersed themselves in the Star Wars franchise fandom. This includes dressing up as their favorite characters for Halloween. 

People began dressing up as Star Wars characters once the movies came out. So, people tend to overuse the same costumes. But not this guy. He put a creative twist on the typical Han Solo costume. Han Solo meets Solo Cup. This idea is genius, props to him!

Daenerys Targaryen the Queen

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows to reach television audiences. That said, many create Halloween costumes based on the characters in the series. Though many people take the basic route, this woman was very creative with her outfit.

At first glance, her costume looks like every other version of Daenerys Targaryen. But, once you look closer, you see that she incorporated her wheelchair into the costume. So now, Daenerys Targaryen has her throne like a true queen. We love to see it!

Peter Pan’s Shadow

Disney’s animated adventure Peter Pan follows a boy, Peter Pan, as he is trying to find his shadow. One of the movie’s main characters, Wendy, discovers his shadow after it is captured and hides it in her drawer for Pan to retrieve, just as a true friend would. 

Though many young men dress up as Peter Pan for Halloween, not many try to play the part of his shadow. Well, until now! This man accurately portrayed Peter Pan’s shadow by cutting up a black jumpsuit and utilizing black accessories.

Baby Carrot

Forget regular carrots. Baby carrots are all the rage! But, if we’re being honest, this costume has a lot to love. Not only is it adorable, but it is practical. Pictured is a baby dressed as a carrot, hence the name “baby carrot.” 

While babies might not want to be dressed up, there is not much they have to worry about besides surviving and sitting there and looking pretty. In addition, this costume doubles as a comfortable hat and blanket set. This baby is living their best life.

Where’s the Magic Carpet?

Just as you’ll see Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and other characters every Halloween, you are bound to see many Disney-themed costumes. Some Disney costumes are more unique than others. While Jasmine is a famous Disney princess, it is rare to see anyone dress up as other Aladdin characters aside from Aladdin himself. 

But, this family took things to the next level. Not only is the mother dressed as Jasmine, but the father is Aladdin, and the sweet baby is Abu. Aladdin and Abu are both other main characters in the classic Disney cartoon. Now, all they need is a genie and a magic carpet!

Unicorn Frappuccinos

Starbucks trends have come and gone. But one of the most unforgettable ones was the Unicorn Frappuccino. The drink contained pink powder, mango syrup, sour blue drizzle, vanilla whipped cream, and sweet pink and sour blue toppings. Yes, this drink is colorful, and it was wildly popular when it came out. 

From a marketing standpoint, this was a genius idea. However, this drink was a nightmare for all Starbucks baristas. This creative costume shows what it was like for baristas who had to deal with the madness that came along with Unicorn Fraps. Truly a scary sight!

Eleven out of Ten

With all the pop culture-inspired costumes worn on Halloween, we were bound to come across one based on the famous Netflix science-fiction series Stranger Things. Since the show was released in 2016, people have been fascinated with the up-and-coming cult classic. 

Many people have focused their Halloween costumes on the show’s main character El, short for Eleven. If we’re being honest, this is the best Eleven costume we’ve seen! He even nailed the pink dress and got Eggo waffles to match. We give this one an eleven out of ten!

You’ll Float Too

Bookworms can’t get enough of the attention-grabbing, mysterious storylines that novels have to offer. One of the most iconic, creepy storylines can be found in Stephen King’s thriller It. While most people dress as Pennywise, a Stephen King character, for Halloween, this man decided to do things differently.

To best display their love of It, this couple dressed up as Georgie and the other dressed as the toy boat he lost down the sewer. It takes a real mastermind to think of a costume like this. We love the energy!

The Sims Come to Life

One of the most common ways people spend their free time is by surfing the internet and playing virtual games. This includes The Sims, which was incredibly popular in the 1990s. In this game, users can create characters, build them beautiful homes and have them partake in realistic activities. 

The game was proof that the Sims were just like us. So, people dressed up as their Sims characters for Halloween. Three best friends dressed as their Sims, ready to do a daily task and take a shower. They have loofahs and everything. How creative!


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