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Crazy Laws That Still Exist in Every State in the Country

For as advanced as the United States is, there are still a lot of insane, ridiculous, crazy laws on the books in many parts of the country. From mispronouncing a state’s name to fishing with canned corn, there are a lot of things we bet you never knew you couldn’t do. If you’re a traveler or someone who just likes to do weird things, you’ll definitely want to check out this guide to brush up on what you can and can’t do in each state.

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In Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache, because it may cause laughter in church. Evidently, this was such a major epidemic at one point that somebody had to write a law banning it. Darn church pranksters!


In Alaska, it’s illegal to wake up a sleeping bear just to take a photo. (You’ve gotta have a better reason than that, OK? The bear lobby fought really hard for this one. Don’t disrespect them.)


In Arizona, it’s illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub … but don’t worry, your pet donkey can still get bathed in the tub. (Just don’t let him fall asleep during the bath, or you’ll face the consequences!)


If you ever plan on making a trip to Arkansas, make sure you know exactly how to pronounce it, or else. It’s illegal to mispronounce “Arkansas.” (It’s “Ar-Kansas,” right?)


Heading to one of those famous, must-see frog-jumping competitions in California? Take note that it’s illegal to eat any of the frogs during the contest. (Don’t worry, though; afterwards, they’re fair game. Yum yum!)


This law, though definitely a little dated, does make sense: In Colorado, it’s illegal to ride a horse while under the influence. Think about it. Before there were cars, everybody got around on horses. If anything, Colorado was ahead of its time!


Connecticut is tough on their pickles! A pickle cannot legally be named a pickle until it is proven that it bounces. (What do you call it before that point?)


Showing off your figure might be a problem when visiting Delaware, at least in the city of Lewes, where “form-fitting” pants are illegal. (Yoga pants, noooooooooooo!)


Planning on riding your elephant around Florida? Just know that if you leave your elephant tied to a parking meter, you will be fined at a rate similar to a parking ticket. (Question: Do we still get fined if we feed the meter?)


In Georgia, it’s sometimes illegal to keep an ice cream cone in your pocket. (Oh, stop getting so upset about it, it’s only illegal on Sundays. Gotta keep those church pants clean!)


If you’re heading on a trip to Hawaii, you better take those coins out of your ear, because that’s illegal. (No Houdinis here! How dare you even suggest it!)


If you’re an over-the-top lover, you better not spend Valentine’s Day in Idaho, where it’s illegal to give someone a box of chocolates weighing more than 50 pounds. (This law definitely sounds like it was born of some lawmaker who was mad that his gift to his wife was outdone by another couple in town. How dare they?!)


Illinois takes their culinary schools extremely seriously. If you’re enrolled in culinary school, you can legally drink as a minor. (Well, how else are you supposed to properly taste test?)


Duck Dynasty would not last in Indiana. Mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a tendency to kiss other humans. (“Hey, that tickles!”) Hear that, Indiana boys? It’s mustache OR kissing, you gotta choose!


If you play the piano professionally, you might want to stay away from Iowa. Piano players must, by law, play for free. Take our advice: Just take your talents elsewhere.


Avoid the train when traveling through Kansas! If two trains meet on the same track, neither shall continue on the track until the other has passed. (Do they “pass” or “crash?” Cause we’re not envisioning a happy ending here.)


Ever wanted to dye a duckling? Well, if you do it in Kentucky, be careful. You may not dye a duckling and sell it unless more than six are for sale at once. (You’ve gotta be prepared to take the colorful duckling business seriously.)


Louisiana may be a little too paranoid, or maybe they just don’t like pizza as much as the rest of us do. In this state, it’s illegal to send someone pizza without his or her knowledge. (It’s a good thing The Princess Diaries was set in California, or we would’ve missed out on one of the sweetest movie moments ever.)


If you love to keep your Christmas decorations up all year long, Maine is not even an option for you. It’s illegal to keep your Christmas decorations up after January 14th. (Honestly, Maine, good for you.)


Not even on a hot summer day can you wear a sleeveless shirt in Maryland. You will receive a $10 fine for being in a public park with a sleeveless shirt on. (You want to show your SHOULDERS? In PUBLIC?? You hussy!)


If you want to play golf in Massachusetts, you had better keep your explosive golf balls at home, because it’s illegal to play with them. (It may or may not be legal to actually own them.)


Talk about placing women back into the Dark Ages. In Michigan, it’s illegal for a woman to cut her own hair without getting her husband’s permission first. (No husband? Sorry. You’re Rapunzel now.)


In Minnesota, you are not allowed to cross state lines with a duck on top of your head. In your arms? Sure. Stuffed into a trench coat? No problem. But put that mallard on your head and you’re in some deep trouble, bucko.


Mississippi doesn’t enjoy profanity in public. You can receive up to a $100 fine if you curse outside of your home! So make sure you mind those Ps and Qs…


Feel like taking a drive with a bear? Well in Missouri, it’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear. You’ll have to wait until you make it to Kansas to let that poor little guy out for some fresh air.


In Montana, it’s illegal to guide sheep onto railroad tracks with the intent to harm either the train or the sheep. (What sort of dastardly, serial sheep killer was the cause for this law?!)


In Nebraska, it’s illegal for a mother to give her daughter a perm without a state license! It may seem a little extreme, but we’re sure many little girls in the 80s were saved from horrific hairdos by this law.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … and that also applies to any camels that may be involved. In Nevada, it’s illegal to ride a camel on the highway.

New Hampshire

This was a fairly recent law, established in 1973: In New Hampshire, it’s illegal to carry or collect seaweed at night. Do not fear, though: You can still carry and collect seaweed during the day. Safety first!

New Jersey

Are you a man who loves to knit? Then you’d better stay away from New Jersey. It’s illegal for a man to knit during fishing season. (Your time could be better employed with a fishing rod! You know where you belong!)

New Mexico

Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t receive a warm welcome in New Mexico. State officials mandated that 400 “explicit materials” be eliminated from the Shakespearean play. (Eliminating explicit content? Do they know ANYTHING about Shakespeare?!)

New York

Feeling cozy and warm in your slippers? Better take them off at 10 p.m., at least in the state of New York. If you wear your slippers any time after 10, you’re a lawbreaker! (Were they trying to enforce a statewide bedtime, or…)

North Carolina

We never knew that North Carolina had so many elephants, but the state definitely values the animal. In North Carolina, it’s illegal to use elephants to plow cotton fields. (They deserve better, and you know it.)

North Dakota

Whether you had a long day or not, in North Dakota it’s illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on. Wonder how they’ll ever know? Don’t try it. They know. They always know…


Stop! Before you pour that beer into your aquarium, you should know that it’s illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio. (Now, while we’re at it, why don’t we get you some water and put you to bed, because you’ve clearly had too much to drink if you’re even thinking about that.)


If it’s your lifelong goal to win an arm-wrestling contest against a bear, you’d better avoid Oklahoma. It’s illegal to wrestle a bear in this state.


If you’re going fishing in Oregon, leave the corn at home: It’s illegal to use canned corn as bait for fishing there. (This begs the question: Is a whole ear of corn OK?)


If you’re a fortune teller and you’re thinking of moving to Pennsylvania, you’d better think again (or have a backup career in mind), because fortune-telling is illegal there. (And we hope your backup plan wasn’t drawing treasure maps or making love potions, because those are illegal, too.)

Rhode Island

Enjoy biting human limbs as a hobby? You’ll need to avoid Rhode Island. It’s illegal to bite someone’s limb off, and doing so can result in 1-20 years in prison. (Something tells us that might be illegal in other states, too, but the existence of a specific law raises some questions.)

South Carolina

If you thought donkeys not being allowed to sleep in bathtubs was strange, this one might be weirder. In South Carolina, horses cannot be kept in bathtubs … although we don’t even think they would fit.

South Dakota

If you work in a cheese factory in South Dakota, you best be careful and keep your wits about you. It’s illegal to sleep in a cheese factory in this state. So no late nights before heading in for your shift!


Tennessee takes their “Netflix and chill” extremely seriously. It’s illegal in this state to share your Netflix password. So, ya know, invite your friend over so they can watch with you!


Got your eye on moving to Texas? Well, if you’re looking to give the pirate look a try and want to remove an eye, just make sure to never put it up on Craigslist for sale. It’s illegal to sell your eye in The Lone Star State.


Don’t like milk, or are you lactose intolerant? You probably don’t want to make a move to Utah, then. It’s illegal to NOT drink milk in the Beehive State.


To say this Vermont law needs updating is an understatement. It’s illegal for women to wear false teeth without written permission from their husbands.


Who knew that Virginia didn’t enjoy Halloween?! Children are not allowed to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. However, some local cities have begun allowing trick-or-treaters, but imposing strict limits, such as specific trick-or-treating hours and age restrictions.


Washington will not confirm nor deny the existence of undiscovered species such as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. (Doesn’t having this law implicitly confirm they are real?) If they are to exist, it’s illegal to harass such undiscovered species, and doing so is considered a felony. Ya know, if you just happen to bump into them…

West Virginia

If you can whistle underwater, avoid showing off your talent in West Virginia. It’s illegal to whistle underwater in this state, presumably for water safety reasons. Not sure how they would enforce this law, though.


Butter is serious business in Wisconsin. There is a law that says it’s illegal to serve butter substitutes in prison. You don’t want to mess with the butter mafia here, people.


Did you know that there is an official permit to take pictures of rabbits? That’s the law of the land in Wyoming, where it’s illegal to take a picture of a rabbit without a permit between January and April.


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