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Check Out These Photos of 'American Gladiators' — Then and Now

American Gladiators featured some of the biggest and baddest American athletes of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Where else could you watch characters named Blaze and Storm battle it out using foam weapons?

Do you ever wonder if Gemini climbed another pyramid? Or if Ice ever made it to the end of the gauntlet? Check out our slideshow of where the gladiators are now! Don’t forget to SHARE this update with other fans!

Sha-ri 'Blaze' Pendleton

Sha-ri Pendleton almost took her pyramid climbing skills to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, but an injury kept her from the gold. She married fellow television competitor Rodney Mitchell (of Knights and Warriors fame) in 1991. Her son has followed in his parents’ athletic footsteps and will be playing football for Iowa State next year.

Dan 'Nitro' Clark

Twenty years after his first appearance on the show, Dan Clark wrote a tell-all memoir about his behind-the-scenes experiences on American Gladiators. These days, he’s working on a second book about life after a heart attack. Additionally, we have Clark to thank for the infamous Gladiator-themed fun run that’s currently sweeping mud pits.

Shelley 'Siren' Beattie

Shelley Beattie made history on the show as the only deaf contestant. Her bodybuilding career flourished in the early 1990s, and she even placed third in the 1992 Ms. Olympia competition. Unfortunately, she suffered from manic depression and attempted suicide in 2008. She later died from complications.

Red 'Sabre' Williams

Red Williams enjoyed a more colorful career than most; he was a professional football player for the Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers, reprised the role of Jax in the cult-classic Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, and he’s even a credited lyricist. Today ,you can find Williams sharing his success story with children at various schools.

Shannon 'Dallas' Hall

Unlike her co-stars, Shannon Hall focused more on fighting and wrestling after her time on American Gladiators. She won the IFBA Platinum Heavyweight Championship in 1998, and was briefly signed as a WWF Diva in 1999. She now trains MMA fighters in her own Orlando gym.

Galen 'Turbo' Tomlinson

Galen Tomlinson dominated the Gladiator Arena as Turbo, who was often touted as the “best athlete on the team.” Now, he is the head coach and director of Coast North County Volleyball club, where you can find him mentoring his daughter and niece.

Lori 'Ice' Fetrick

At the height of her career, Lori Fetrick appeared on many television shows and even starred in the movie CIA II: Target Alex. She still works in the fitness industry, and tours the country promoting her health-and-wellness plan.

Deron 'Malibu' McBee

Before ever entering the Gladiator arena, Deron McBee toured the professional racquetball circuit for a few years. Then the blond-haired athlete went on to dodge foam hurdles as Malibu before his acting career took off. McBee played Motaro in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and the Monster in Monster Mash. These days, he is focusing on his spiritual side and fulfilling his passion for painting.

Jim 'Laser' Starr

Jim Starr is probably the most recognizable Gladiator; he was the longest-running male on the show, and he’s known for suffering from the most injuries. He’s now the director of product development at Life Time Fitness, and can be found at various fitness events around California.

Michael 'Gemini' Horton

Michael Horton is one of the few characters from the original pilot episode (then known as “Cattalus”). Horton’s favorite role besides Gemini? Playing the security guard in A Night at the Roxbury.

Tonya 'Gold' Knight

Tonya Knight had an impressive bodybuilding career before becoming a Gladiator. She won the Arnold Schwarzenegger IFBB Ms. International in 1991, and finished fourth in the Ms. Olympic contest in 1998. In 2011, Knight was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame despite a urine test scandal in 1988.

Raye 'Zap' Hollitt

Raye Hollitt was an original cast member and stayed with the show until 1996. She appeared on both JAG and Baywatch during the height of her Gladiators career. She has since left the acting world and is focusing on her family and personal health.

Lee 'Hawk' Reherman

Lee Reherman was pursuing a business doctorate degree at UCLA when his Hollywood career took off. However, his time in the spotlight was cut short last year when he was found dead inside his home in California. Rest in peace, Hawk!

Shirley 'Sky' Eson-Korito

Shirley began her Gladiator career when her two daughters urged her to try out. She quickly became a favorite on the show and earned the warm nickname “Mom” from her co-stars. Today, she owns a pet care facility in Florida and still competes in bodybuilding competitions.

Steve 'Tower' Henneberry

Before jousting with Nitro and Turbo, Steve Henneberry was actually crowned “Mr. America.” Did you know that an accident with Sabre on the show landed Tower 44 stitches? And he even appeared back on air just three hours later. What a true Gladiator!


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